Loraine Kavanagh |   MSc Programme Leader

“Each programme is designed to provide you with the necessary skills required to enter into higher management positions while also giving you the opportunity to specialise in a particular area of interest.”
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Why Choose to Study a Postgraduate Course With Us

At Shannon College, we offer a range of courses and programmes in higher education, which enables you to broaden your knowledge and further develop your career.

We offer students the opportunity to undertake, not only full time programmes, but also part time and short term, as well as the opportunity to avail of stand alone modules. Our priority is to offer accessible opportunities, whatever your interests.

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For further information on our Postgraduate courses, certificates and modules, contact our programme leader - Ms. Loraine Kavanagh 

Please Note: Part time courses are not available to International students due to visa restrictions.


Margaret Clapham |   Founder & Director Sales Growth

I have always valued upskilling and lifelong learning. When I looked into the options for completing a Master's programme, the structure and modules at Shannon College provided diversity which apply to all business sectors. The programme leader, lecturers and supports such as the librarians have been exceptionally helpful, supporting in the completion of online lecturers and assignments for the first semester. The college without doubt leads with their understanding and knowledge of the industry and balances this with the student needs. Shannon College provides a rich learning experience which is valuable to an industry encountering considerable change.
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Gary Brody |   The Peligoni Club, Zakynthos Greece

""If opportunity does not knock, build a door". It as a phrase that still encourages me to keep pushing, to keep finding adventures, and to keep optimistic in a forever uncertain world. Furthering my education through undertaking a masters here in Shannon just one year after I graduated from the BBS Undergraduate degree has taught me to never underestimate your education and power to make a difference. If you are reading this, never forget to remind yourself that you can do it, even though sometimes it feels like you have no clue. (Trust me, you do). Often we feel we should be further than where we are, so take my advice and take your time, watch your own path, and trust the process!"
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Ellen McGrath |   Operations Manager Westair Aviation

The lecturers at the college were friendly and supportive, fostering a learning environment that encouraged me to excel and provided assistance throughout the programme. Despite being employed full-time whilst pursuing my studies, the lecturers remained flexible and understanding, contributing to my success.
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Stefan Maidment |   Deputy General Manager Great National Hotels

The diverse and inclusive environment at the college further enhanced my experience. The student body comprised of individuals from various countries, professions, and age groups, resulting in a truly multicultural learning experience. The open discussions and interactions with my peers fostered an environment where we could learn from each other's unique perspectives and experiences.
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