P‌GR National Student Survey Suirbhe Naisiunta na Macleinn 2021

The 2021 PGR Student Survey opened in the University of Galway on the 22nd February 2021 and closed on the 14th March 2021.

Key results of the survey are available here



  • Graduate Studies presented your feedback to university staff and to your student representatives.

  • Graduate Studies provided feedback to Heads of School, who produced the School Action Plans below. 

  • Heads of Schools were encouraged to consult with postgraduate research students in the preparation of their planned School Action Plan.

University-wide initiatives were introduced to:



  1. Continue collaboration with the Students Union on selection of PhD representatives for each School to improve communication with PGR students
  2. Continue collaboration with the vice-Deans of Graduate Studies to expand the College-led induction and the PGR seminar series, supported by the Researcher Development Centre
  3. Return to in-person, on campus, space and activities as soon as public health advice permitted, while retaining the flexibility offered through virtual communications (such as electronic submission of thesis for examination and permission to hold virtual viva)
  4. Support PGR student dissemination of research success through return of the Threesis competition, organised in collaboration with the RDC and Research Office
  5. Implement the HEA-costed extension scheme, allocating up to 6 months stipend support and time credit for fees to PGR students that experienced Covid19 interruption of their research
  6. Clarify scholarship procedures for funded PhD students, including moving to a stipend rate of €18,500 pa for internally-funded scholarships
  7. Allocate an additional €500 stipend payment in 2022 to Hardiman and College-funded scholarship holders, to match the funding provided by Government to IRC, SFI, Teagasc and HRB scholarship holders
  8. Require payment to PGs who undertake teaching support, through introduction of a Gra​duate Teaching Assistant policy, while removing the requirement for unpaid contribution to teaching from the Research Degree Programme Guidelines
  9. Increase funding allocated to the Financial Aid Fund, and widen eligibility criteria to include non-EU students
  10. Expand the PGR mentoring scheme, piloted in 2020/21 in the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies, to all Colleges in 2021/22 and 2022/23
  11. Offer write-up bursaries each summer to support PhD completion, with agreement to increase, for summer 2023, the write-up bursary to €1200/month and award of a bonus payment of €500 to those who submit a thesis by the end of September 2023

                                                                                                    School Action Plans

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