University of Galway's Threesis

University of Galway's Threesis


University of Galway's Threesis

3 slides...  3 minutes...  3 judges...

Threesis is a research communications training programme and competition at our university.  Threesis invites postgraduate research students (Masters, PhD, MD) at University of Galway on a journey. We hold a series of training sessions, heats and a Grand Finale.

It's an opportunity to meet others and to hone your communication skills. Check back here for details of the next iteration of Threesis. 

Threesis 2022

Our thanks to the 75 students who participated in our in-person training sessions. Also to the 45 individuals who shared the story of their research in our six heats during November.  

Our Grand Finale took place on 1 December in the O'Donohue Theatre.  Read the Threesis Brochure 2022

  • The winner and audience choice recipient was anatomy student Victoria Ward from the College of Medicine with her talk titled “Heart Attacks and Hydrogel Heroes”. Supported by the O’ Duffy Lab, Victoria’s research investigates the mechanical properties of hyaluronic acid hydrogels and how they can reinforce and regenerate damaged heart tissue following myocardial infarction or in simple terms, heart attacks. Her work is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and the AMBER Centre Project.
  • Second place went to Italian PhD student Rosy Polisicchio, who presented "Tumours play hide and seek; how do we win?”. Supported by the Hardiman Scholarship from the School of Natural Sciences, Rosy’s research focuses on efficiently creating bright and luminescent compounds that can selectively accumulate in cancerous cells. Rosy is funded by the Irish Research Council.
  • In third place was occupational therapy student, Mai Alharthy from the College of Nursing and Midwifery with her talk “Assessing Everyday Memory in Arabic Populations with Brain Injuries". Mai’s research looks at the cultural adaptation of an everyday English memory assessment tool for brain injuries for its use within the Arabic-speaking population.

Threesis is brought to you by the Research Office in conjunction with the Researcher Development Centre and Graduate Studies Office, and with support from research communication enthusiasts from across campus. For further information read the FAQs and/or reach out to