Entrance Interview for Irish/ EU Students- Undergraduate

All eligible applicants must complete a formal entrance interview as part of the application process. After you make your application through CAO you will be contacted to arrange your interview date and time. Please see below further information on the entrance interview.

Interview Timeframe

If you apply to CAO by the early closing date (1st February), your interview will be scheduled for March, April or May. If you apply to CAO by the late closing date (1st May) or by the change of mind closing date (1st July), your interview will be scheduled for July.

Arranging the Interview

After Shannon College receives your application from CAO, you will receive a letter and an application form in the post (approx. two weeks after the CAO closing date). After you return this form to Shannon College, you will receive an email to inform you of the interview date, time and location. You will be required to confirm your interview appointment by return email or by phone. If the date requested is unsuitable (e.g. clashes with Oral Leaving Cert Exams) then we will accommodate a change in date and time.

Interview Locations

Shannon College holds interviews in the college facilities in Shannon and also in a Dublin city hotel. Students based overseas can be facilitated with a Skype interview.

Dress Code

The interview is a formal entrance interview and business dress is recommended. For example, many candidates wear a business suit or an immaculately clean school uniform. For male candidates a shirt/tie/trousers/blazer/suit are all acceptable and for girls a dress/skirt/trousers/blouse/shirt/jacket/blazer/suit are all acceptable. There are marks awarded in the interview for appearance and first impression, therefore it is important that applicants present themselves in a neat and professional manner.

Length of Interview

The average interview lasts approximately 15 minutes and the applicant will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview if they wish. We encourage applicants to arrive approximately 10 minutes before their interview.

Interview Panel

There will be two interviewers sitting on the interview panel. In some cases it may be two college staff members and in other cases it will be a college staff member and a graduate of the college.

Preparation for Interview

The interview is a great opportunity for applicants to earn CAO points by displaying their skills, experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and potential. We recommend that you prepare for the interview by reflecting on these areas along with doing general research into the hospitality industry. Sample interview questions will be posted on the college Facebook page in the run up to the interviews: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shannon-College-of-Hotel-Management/176496825790264

CAO Interview Points

A maximum of 300 points may be awarded in the interview. The pass mark is 150 points. If you achieve less than 150 points in your interview, you will be deemed to have failed the interview.

Result of the Interview

Approximately three weeks after the interview, you will receive a letter to inform you if you have been successful in passing the interview. If you have passed the interview, then you know you have achieved between 150 (pass mark) and 300 (maximum) CAO points in the interview. You will not find out the exact points achieved in the interview at this stage of the application process. You will find out the exact points achieved in your interview at the offer stage if you are successful in receiving a CAO offer for Shannon College. 

Students with Disabilities

Shannon College is committed to to equal opportunities and supporting students with disabilities.If you have a disability and would like reasonable accommodations for your interview, please contact our Disability Support Officer: gwen.ryan@nuigalway.ie

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I fail the interview?

You will be notified by post that you have failed the interview and Shannon College will inform CAO accordingly. Your listing of Shannon College courses on your CAO form will then be deemed invalid.

What do I need to bring to the interview?

You are not required to bring anything to the interview. We will have obtained all the information we require in advance of the interview from your application form.  Therefore there is no need to bring a CV. You are welcome to bring references or certificates of achievements etc. if you wish, however these documents are not necessary.

What if I get nervous in the interview?

Don’t worry, the interview panel understands that for many students, the Shannon College interview is probably their first formal interview and the panel will do their best to make you feel relaxed. If you get nervous during the interview, just say that you are feeling a little nervous and ask for a moment to think about your answer.