‌‌‌‌‌Application Details

For Undergraduate Programmes , Interntional students should make applications directly to Shannon College of Hotel Management. It is quick and easy to apply.
Simply download the International UG Application form 2024

Application Process for Interntaional Students :

Applications for all programmes should be made directly to the Admissions Office by email or post. Applications must include the following:

1. Completed application form ‌International UG Application form 2024
2. Certified transcripts for all education results/qualifications to date
3. IELTS or Duolingo certificate (or equivalent)

Admissions Office

Applications or queries should be directed to the Admissions Office:

Admissions Officer: Ms. Joan Markham
Ph: +353 91 497212
Email: joan.markham@universityofgalway.ie
Address:  Shannon College of Hotel Management, University of Galway
Shannon Airport, Co. Clare, Ireland 

Entrance Interview Details 

All eligible applicants must complete a formal entrance interview as part of the application process. After you make your application by completing the Application Form, you‌ will be contacted by email to arrange your interview date and time. You will be required to confirm your interview appointment by return email or by phone. If the date requested is unsuitable then we will accommodate a change in date and time.  Due to current travel restrictions your interview will take place online. 

Dress Code:

The interview is a formal entrance interview and business dress is recommended. For example, many candidates wear a business suit or an immaculately clean school uniform. There are marks awarded in the interview for appearance and first impression, therefore it is important that applicants present themselves in a neat and professional manner.

Length of Interview:

The average interview lasts approximately 15 minutes and the applicant will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview if they wish. We encourage applicants to arrive approximately 10 minutes before their interview.

Interview Panel:

There will be one to two interviewers sitting on the interview panel. In some cases it may be college staff members and in other cases it will be a college staff member and a graduate of the college.

Preparation for Interview: 

The interview is a great opportunity for applicants to display their skills, experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and potential. We recommend that you prepare for the interview by reflecting on these areas along with doing general research into the hospitality industry and the course you are applying for. Sample interview questions will be posted on the college Facebook and Instagram Pages 

Result of the Interview:

After your interview, you or your agent (if applicable) will receive an email to inform you if you have been successful in passing the interview.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What if I fail the interview?

You will be notified by email that you have failed the interview and Shannon College will inform your agent (if applicable). You will no longer be eligible for a place at Shannon College.

What do I need to bring to the interview?

You are not required to bring anything to the interview. We will have obtained all the information we require in advance of the interview from your application form.  Therefore there is no need to bring a CV. You are welcome to bring references or certificates of achievements etc. if you wish, however these documents are not necessary.

What if I get nervous in the interview?

Don’t worry, the interview panel understands that for many students, the Shannon College interview is probably their first formal interview and the panel will do their best to make you feel relaxed. If you get nervous during the interview, just say that you are feeling a little nervous and ask for a moment to think about your answers.