INOV INESC Inovação ( is the leading private non-profit R&D organization in Portugal, with an accumulated industrial experience for over 20 years of activity. INOV is dedicated to technological development and transfer of knowledge to the market. INOV has accumulated strong technical expertise in: Telecommunication Equipment and Services, Mobile Communication Systems, Sensor Networks, Information Systems Architectures, Remote Monitoring and Surveillance Systems, Security and Defence Systems, Control and Electronics Development, New Technologies for Aeronautics & Aerospace, and Organizational Engineering. INOV also gained a strong experience at developing innovative data models and innovative information visualization solutions for spatial context awareness. In this domain, INOV expertise includes the specification and implementation of collaborative decision support systems with knowledge management workflows to enable decision makers to execute their work more efficiently. As a research institution, INOV follows a design research methodology to interact closely with end-users, capturing their concerns about specific problems and find solutions adjusted to their specific needs. INOV has consolidated knowledge and proven installed solutions for security, monitoring and surveillance, with clients and partners in Portugal, EUA, Angola, China, Turkey, Brazil, Greece, Italy, among other countries.

Prof. Gabriel Pestana

Prof. Gabriel Pestana, obtained his PhD at the Technical University of Lisbon in the area of Information Systems being a promoter of applied research methodologies in the fields of Knowledge Management and collaborative decision-making platforms. His research addresses the study of Business Intelligence solutions with requirements for real-time monitoring of business activity within critical info-structure. He also has a consolidated experience at implementing solutions settled over the importance of data semantic, context awareness and data analytics with alerts triggered based on the user role/profile. Experienced in conceptualizing and implementing innovative graphical interfaces (e.g. dynamic Dashboards) with visual analytic models and techniques to support context-awareness. Has an active participation as a project team member on a set of national and international projects, namely HandHold, SECAIR, Active@Work, AAS, Locon, AIRNET, and TURCare.

Eng. Tiago Rocha da Silva

Eng. Tiago Rocha da Silva, graduated in Electrical Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal in 1986. He also acquired an M.SC.-degree in Electronics Engineer and Computers, Telecommunication profile, in 1993 at the same institute. Presently he is Coordinator of Telecommunications Systems & Technologies Unit. He has been involved in many research activities in the area of Telecommunications since 1986 participated in European (RACE: "Technology for ATD-TA", EXPLOIT IWU ATM-2Mbit/ISDN, EXPLOIT, SENSATION, AIRNET, AAS, LOCON; WSAN4CIP, SECAIR, TASS) and ESA Projects (Early Trials, ARMAS 1st Ph, GAMMA) . He is a telecommunication expert, with more than twenty years of experience involved not only on system development but as well on consulting and advice for different sectors, including Public Sector, Telecom Operators, Utilities, bank and Health sectors.

Prof. Mario Serafim Nunes

Prof. Mario Serafim Nunes, graduated with the Electronics Engineer degree in 1975, PhD degree in Electronics Engineer and Computers in 1987, and the Aggregation degree in the same area in 2006, all from the Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal. Since He was Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico since 2009 until 2013, teaching in ICT and networking areas in graduate and postgraduate courses. He has been responsible for the INESC participation in several european projects, namely RACE, ACTS and IST programs in the areas of fixed and wireless networks. Since 2001 he is Director of INESC Inovação, where he is scientific coordinator of the Telecom Area. He is author of two books and submitted 10 patents. He is a Senior Member of IEEE.