National University of Ireland Galway

Established in 1845, NUI Galway ( is one of Ireland's foremost centres of academic excellence. With over 16,000 students from 90 countries across the world, and more than 2,200 staff, NUI Galway has a distinguished reputation for teaching and research excellence in the fields of arts, social science, and Celtic studies; business, public policy and law; engineering and informatics; medicine, nursing and health sciences; and science.

NUI Galway is a research-led University with internationally recognised expertise in selected priority areas. Research achievements include: home to two Science Foundation Ireland-funded Centres for Science, Engineering and Technology; awarded the Republic of Ireland's first UNESCO Chair in Children’s Youth and Civic Engagement; the world's leading experts in Human Rights Law; Ireland’s leading Marine and Environmental Research Centres; Ireland’s primary centre for stem cell and gene therapy research and regenerative medicine; the world's largest research institute of internet technology.

Staff Engaged in Project

Dr Michael Madden

Dr Michael Madden is a Senior Lecturer in the National University of Ireland Galway, which he joined in 2000. He is also the Head of the Information Technology Discipline (25 staff, 600 students, €2m annual budget), though his term as Head will end around the time ROCSAFE is due to start.

After graduating with a B.E. (Mechanical) in 1991, he earned a PhD in Machine Learning in NUI Galway. From 1995 to 2000 he worked in professional research & development for 5 years in MCS Kenny, an internationally-trading Irish software company, where he began as a software engineer and became the R&D Manager in 1998. He has published over 90 papers and has received seven awards for best papers/distinguished papers, as well as co-authored 5 patents. He founded a spin-out company called Analyze IQ Limited, based on research that he led, in which NUI Galway is a shareholder. In 2006/07, he spent a sabbatical year as a Visiting Research Scientist in the University of Helsinki in Finland, the University of California at Irvine, and the University of California at Berkeley.

Dr. Ihsan Ullah

Dr. Ihsan Ullah

Ihsan Ullah is a Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher at the National University of Ireland Galway. He gained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Milan, Italy in 2017. His research theme was designing lightweight deep neural networks with a pyramidal approach for object and action recognition in images and videos. Prior to and during Ph.D., he worked as a researcher in well-known Labs e.g. CVGL at Stanford USA, CVPR Lab at University of Parthenope Naples Italy, and Visual Computing Lab at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.  After Ph.D. he started his post-doctoral research on Crime Analytics from Open Social Data at the Insight Research Centre for Data Analytics, NUIG until March 2018 and then joined the ROCSAFE project. 

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