Valencia City Council- Local Police

The city of Valencia has a metropolitan area which reaches over 1.500.000 inhabitants. It is, in terms of population, the 3rd largest city in Spain. More than 1600 police officers form the Valencia Local Police.  The duties of the Valencia Local Police (PLV) are wide, ranging from surveillance and road traffic control, to maintaining citizen security and safety, administrative police, community police, domestic violence, mediation police, fight against crime, management of emergencies, environmental police, etc.  Overall it is one of the most active local police in Spain due to their continuous innovation in technology. It’s Centre of Security and Emergencies is the best example of innovation in police management by using ICTs tools, as well as a great test bed for pilot experiences and testing. PLV has managed (as leader or partner) 23 successful European projects form different Programmes (7FP and H2020 in Security, Lifelong Learning Programme, Prevention and Fight against Crime, Daphne III, Civil Protection Financial Instrument, Criminal Justice, etc). 

Staff Engaged in Project 

Mr. Jose L. Diego

José L. Diego is an expert evaluator for the European Commission within Horizon2020 – Secure Societies. He began his career as a consultant at Deloitte, and nowadays is the Project Manager of the Valencia Local Police, as well as International Lecturer, OSCE trainer & liaison officer and also Professor for a Master on Human Resources, for a Master in Criminology and for the Chiefs´ Police Academy.
He has managed 23 EU projects (including 7 H2020-Secure Societies projects) in matters like R&D, domestic violence, police mediation and training, community policing, forensics, youth offending, crime fighting, road traffic, police management, diversity, emergencies, environmental police, etc. He holds Degrees in Law and in Criminology and a Master in Human Resources Management as well.