Reamda Ltd. (Robotic Electronic And Mechanical Development Agency)

Reamda Ltd. (Robotic Electronic And Mechanical Development Agency) is an SME formed in 2001 and based in Tralee, Co-Kerry Ireland. Its main business is in the research and development of electronic, hardware and software solutions including mobile platforms for use in EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) applications. Reamda Ltd. has expertise in the development of embedded solutions for wireless telemetry and video communication systems, remote sensor data acquisition including radiological and x-ray equipment. Reamda Ltd. has designed, developed and manufactured a number of mobile robotic platforms with live weapon capabilities. Reamda Ltd. expertise lies in collaborate research and development leading to hardware and software design and manufacture of commercial products. 

Dr. Julie Behan

Dr. Julie Behan is a research and development manager at Reamda Ltd. Dr. Behan will coordinate the project activities of this proposal. Dr. Behan has extensive industry and academic experience, including wireless sensing devices, embedded sensing systems, database and GUI design, firmware development and robotic applications. Dr. Behan currently holds a PhD in Autonomous Robotics and an honours degree in Electronic Engineering both from the University of Limerick. Dr. Behan has authored numerous publications and patents both at national and international level.   

Mr Padraig O’Connor

Mr Padraig O’Connor is the managing Director at Reamda ltd. Mr O’Connor founded Reamda Ltd in 2001 after an extensive career in wireless video technologies and embedded systems. Mr O’Connor has worked in robotic software development for over 20 years. Mr O’Connor gained an international reputation in robotic expertise after being awarded the Digital Upgrade of the fleet of EOD robots from the Irish Defence Forces in 2006. Mr. O’Connor has authored patents in the field of robotic control.

Maurice O’Connor

Maurice O'Connor is a researcher at Reamda ltd.  

Tomás Coleman

Tomás Coleman is a design engineer at Reamda ltd.  ‌