The Inter-Agency Emergency Management Office (IAEMO) for MEM Region Ireland [South], is comprised of five key principal response agencies:

  • An Garda Síochána [Irish National Police]
  • Health Service Executive Region South [Irish National Health Service including Ambulance, Hospitals, Public Health and Community Services
  • Cork County Council Local Government [including Fire and Rescue Services and Civil Defence]
  • Cork City Council Local Government [ including Fire and Rescue Services and Civil Defence]
  • Kerry County Council Local Government [including Fire and Rescue Services and Civil Defence]

The Inter-Agency Emergency Management Office was created to provide  support on a full time basis to the participating agencies in the consideration and implementation of their responsibilities in planning and preparing for their response to Major Emergencies in the Major Emergency Managemnet  Region South.

The IAEMO has a series of sub-groups covering: SEVESO requirements and planning, voluntary emergency services, crisis communication, flooding and evacuation.

Each CEO or Officer in charge is a member of a Regional Steering Group (RSG) which fund and directs the activity of the IAEMO.

The IAEMO is the mechanism by which the RSG participates in EU Projects.  The Health Service Executive (HSE) is the legal entity who contracts on behalf of the 

the IAEMO. In that role it is recognosed as HSE/IAEMO.  In ROCSAFE it is the An Irish National Police [AnGarda Síochána] who supply a signficant part of the subject matter expertise.

Staff Engaged in Project

Peter Daly Chief Emergency Management Officer for HSE South

Responsible for Emergency Management in the HSE. Post Grad Qualifications in Science and Engineering. Line Manager for Interagency Office. Joined HSE from the Military in rank of Commandant. While with the DF was seconded to UNSCOM as a weapons inspector.


Mr Cian O'Brien

Emergency Management Officer HSE South

Cian was the Health Service Executive’s Lead for 3 past FP7 Projects [S-HELP, SECTOR & PULSE] focusing on Emergency Management. Cian holds a Masters Degree in Public Health and Epidemiology and is currently completing a PhD in Hospital Major Emergency Planning in University College Cork.


Inspector Finbarr O’Sullivan

An Garda Síochána
Inspector for Traffic and Major Emergency Management Cork City
Holds a Masters in Emergency Management from Dublin City University