NUI Galway Students Step Up Maths Education

Aug 09 2011 Posted: 10:12 IST

Bridging the Transition from Primary to Post Primary Education

Maths students are Stepping Up! at NUI Galway, as a week-long enrichment programme designed to support students’ transition from primary to secondary school, with a special emphasis on Maths Education, will begin. The programme is hosted by the Number Crunchers team, a group of nine Maths and Education students who are working with staff from the School of Education, NUI Galway as part of their degree course.

The Stepping Up! programme will take place form 15 – 19 August and is open to school goers attending their first year in secondary school in September 2011.

The Number Crunchers aspire to help prepare students for the changes associated with the move to secondary school with an interactive and fun approach to both maths and school related social issues that affect young teens. The main aims of this programme are to improve maths skills, to be more at ease with the differences between primary and secondary school, and most important of all, to have fun!

Modules in this course include Number Systems, Introduction to Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Puzzles and Codes.

Dr Catherine Paolucci, NUI Galway Lecturer in Mathematics Education, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for students to explore a variety of real applications of mathematics and reinforce essential skills in preparation for advancing their mathematical knowledge in a new school environment.”

In addition to an academic focus, the Number Crunchers also aim to prepare students for the significant social changes that young students face in their first year of a new school environment. Lessons on adapting to the new school environment, student-teacher relationships, bullying, and study skills will be interwoven into this course. Participants will also have an opportunity to meet other students throughout Galway and make new friends.

Speaking about the ethos of the course, student Michael Kieran, a member of Number Crunchers, said: “There is a huge difference between primary and secondary mathematics, from the topics covered to the teaching approaches. The relaxed, fun approach of this programme will help encourage students to enjoy maths and look forward to their new schooling experience.”

Stacey Burke, also of the Number Crunchers team, says: “It’s an exciting but nerve-wrecking time making the transition to secondary school; we want to encourage students to enjoy this process in a fun environment that interweaves maths education with social issues which will help to alleviate any anxiety that students may feel.”

The programme takes place from 15 - 19 August 2011 and is open to any student who will be attending their first year in secondary school in September 2011. A fee of €20 per student applies. As the course runs next week, this is final chance to reserve a place at or contact Jean Kenny on 087-4147733 or



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