University of Galway is committed to community and the development of lasting relationships for a positive impact on peoples’ lives within society. We believe that the best learning takes place when students have many opportunities to engage their learning in real world contexts. That's why we have created many pathways to apply knowledge in community through real learning in the curriculum, volunteering and researching real world problem projects.  

Real Learning

Each year, University of Galway students have positive impacts on the community with over 1400 students learning and applying their knowledge in the real world through service learning.  Our students connect theory to practice within the community sector, in over 60 academic modules that are led and supported by NUI Galway lecturers and over 500 community partners.

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Community-Based Research

University of Galway supports community-based research between civil society organisations, students and lecturers on issues and problems in society.  This model of research provides an opportunity for community organisations to have research carried out for which they do not have resources, and students with an opportunity to do real-life research that enhances their learning and career development and also makes a contribution to positive social change. 

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University of Galway was the first university in Ireland to recognise and establish a reward programme for students who volunteer both on campus and off within community organisaitons. Through the ALIVE Programme we recognise the transferable skills, knowledge, commitment and motivation of our students through the awarding of the Presidents Certificate for Volunteering. Over 15,000 students have successfully attained the ALIVE Certificate in the last decade and we are deeply proud of students and alumni.

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Campus Engage

University of Galway established the national higher education network to support our colleagues and students in other higher education settings to create community engaged opportunities.  Through Campus Engage, 24 Presidents of Higher Education in Ireland actively engage and steer community engagement direction and vision.  University of Galway is proud to be a pioneer of community engagement and recognised nationally and internationally for our work in this area.

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Youth Academy

University of Galway is committed to sharing knowledge with the wider community and in particular young people. The Youth Academy at University of Galway works with high ability primary school students to support their learning and academic development. Every Saturday morning hundreds of students attend classes on campus and learn firsthand from our lecturers and post-graduate students. The courses on offer are outside of the primary school curriculum which allows students the opportunity to explore different areas of study, in a fun and interactive way. 

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