NUI Galway Law Student to Become First Female Judge

Mar 22 2011 Posted: 00:00 GMT
An NUI Galway master's student is to become the first female judge in the history of Seychelles. Mrs Mathilda Twomey is currently undertaking an LL.M. in Public Law at NUI Galway. James Michel, President of the Seychelles, has approved the appointment of Mrs Twomey as a Justice of the Court of Appeal, following the recommendation of the Constitutional Appointments Authority. The President said he hoped that other young women will look to her for inspiration for a career in the judiciary. Marie McGonagle is Director of the LL.M. in Public Law at NUI Galway: "I am delighted at Mathilda's appointment. She is a very skilled lawyer, who has participated fully in, and contributed immensely to, the LL.M. programme. I wish her every success in this important new role." Mrs Twomey (née Butler-Payette) is a Seychellois Barrister-at Law, who practiced law in Seychelles between 1987 and 1995 as a Senior State Counsel and Official Notary, as well as a Barrister/Attorney undertaking Criminal and Civil Litigation in courts and tribunals. From 1992 to 1993, Mathilda Twomey was a member of the Seychelles Constitutional Commission that drafted the Constitution of the Third Republic. Since 1995, Mrs. Twomey has been living and working in Ireland. In 1996 she was a regional coordinator for Multiple Sclerosis Ireland, a non-governmental organisation working in advocacy, policy development and legal advice for people with disabilities. Mathilda Twomey is completing a Masters in Law at NUI Galway, and also has a Degree in French Law from the University of Paris Sud, France, as well a Bachelor's Degree in English and French Law from the University of Kent, UK.


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