The Value of Arts In The Lives Of Children

Oct 09 2013 Posted: 16:40 IST

The Value of Arts in the Lives of Children is the title of a module specially commissioned by Baborówhich forms one part of a unique partnership Baboró International Arts Festival for Children has with NUI Galway. It is being delivered for the first time this autumn, to third year students studying for a Degree in Youth And Family Studies. The module was designed and is presented by playwright and Baboró Board Member Rebecca Bartlett.

Research shows that 75% of a child’s brain develops during the first five years of their life, and half of all intellectual and developmental potential of a child is established by age four. Keeping childhood front and centre, this module offers a different means of exploring the extrinsic and intrinsic importance of Arts in a child’s life.

The module is intended to encourage students to examine the role that the arts play in providing children with safe and creative environments in which they can learn to make sense of the world around them. As well as seminars and guest lectures by among others, Baboró Founder and Childrens’ Author, Patirica Forde and Baboró’s own Artisitc Director, Lali Morris. The students will attend shows at Baboró 2013 and take part in post event reflections and de-construction .

In her introduction to the module Rebecca Bartlett commented, “It is hoped that by taking the students on this Baboró journey they will have a deeper understanding of the value of arts as the natural medium for child learning. They will reflect on childrens’ real experiences and the ways in which  arts activities enhance childrens’ cognitive, sensual and physical development. Students will be introduced to the ethos of  the Fesitval, exposed to other ground breaking projects that Baboró has undertaken, such as the BEAST! project, and explore the crucial ‘learning triangle’of the Child, Parent and Teacher. Ultimately Baboró would hope that these students would  consider the arts as playing an intrinsic role  in any career they may choose that has young people as its centre.”

Dr. Cormac Forkan, coordinator of the Degree in Youth and Family Studies at NUI, Galway added, “This is an extremely exciting time for us all, especially the students. They are being afforded the opportunity to critically reflect upon and internalise the skills, feelings and ideas central to Baboró’s ethos, which will no doubt inform their practice as frontline practitioners in the future.”

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children will open next Monday 14th October and run until Sunday 20th October. For tickets phone the Town Hall Theatre on 091 569777 or book online at and for programme details see


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