Tibetan Buddhist Monk to deliver Mindfulness Classes at NUI Galway as part of the University’s ongoing initiative toward

Tibetan Buddhist Monk, Gelong Thubten
Feb 29 2016 Posted: 10:00 GMT

As part of its ongoing initiative towards integrating mindfulness into the University’s culture, NUI Galway will host a day of Mindfulness classes with Tibetan Buddhist Monk, Gelong Thubten. The classes will take place in NUI Galway’s Aula Maxima Lower on Wednesday, 9 March, throughout the day from 8.15am to 5pm.

The Mindfulness theme will focus on Deepening our Mindfulness through the technique of ‘breathing’, followed by a reflection practice on ‘Cause and Effect – the importance of ethical living’. Classes are free and open to all university staff and students, the general public, researchers, student counsellors and advisors, healthcare professionals, mindfulness practitioners, and anyone with an interest in mindfulness.

Tibetan Buddhist Monk, Gelong Thubten, based at the Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery in Dumfriesshire in Scotland, and one of the very popular expert speakers at last October’s NUI Galway Mindful Way Conference, will deliver the Mindfulness classes, as part of the University’s ‘Mindful Way Initiative’.

Gelong Thubten has already delivered monthly Mindfulness classes to NUI Galway staff and students in January and February of 2016 and will continue to do so over the coming months. Due to the enthusiastic response to classes, they have now been opened up to the public, and for those attending for the first time in March, there is an opportunity to cover the previous two sessions at the 12pm class.

Last October, NUI Galway’s Mindful Way Conference shared the evidence-based impact of mindfulness on students and staff performance, well-being and culture. The University is now focusing on the benefits of integrating mindfulness within the University setting to continue to serve the 21st century needs in delivering its core principles: teaching, research and contribution to society through innovation and entrepreneurship, and understanding the role mindfulness can play in providing a more enriching experience for students and staff.

Professor Lokesh Joshi, Vice-President for Research at NUI Galway, said: “NUI Galway is starting on this journey to adopt a mindfulness culture. Last year the University hosted a conference of mindfulness experts, leaders in society and entrepreneurs, along with students, staff and university leaders, to discuss the importance of mindfulness in higher educational institutions. To date there has been such a great response to Gelong Thubten’s classes, which have been well attended by both students and staff that we would like to open it up to the wider community.”

Commenting on what people can expect from the Mindfulness classes Gelong Thubten said: “The purpose of the monthly classes is to provide a thorough training in mindfulness, to be practiced between each module. Each class consists of a Theme, Technique and Reflection Practice. In January, I introduced Relaxation and Confidence using a ‘body scan’ technique followed by a reflection practice focusing on realising our full potential. In February, I introduced Honing Our Focus and Learning Flexibility using the technique of ‘sound’ followed by a reflection practice focusing on impermanence and change. The March sessions will introduce people to deepening our mindfulness through breathing.”

Class Schedule for Wednesday, 9 March, 2016:

8.15am – 9:00am
10.45am – 11.30am
12:00pm – 12.45pm
13.15pm – 14:00pm
17: 00pm – 17:45pm

To register attendance and for further information about NUI Galway’s Mindful Way initiative and additional classes visit: www.nuigalway.ie/mindfulway


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