NUI Galway Collaborates with Galway Technology Based Start-up Tr3Dent

Pictured l-r: Chris Barry, Programme Director of the MSc in Information Systems Management, NUI Galway, Kevin McCaffrey, Tr3Dent CEO and Trevor Clohessy, MSc in Information Systems Management Project Supervisor, NUI Galway. Photo: NUI Galway
Sep 05 2017 Posted: 14:47 IST

Business Information System students to pilot global digital product that manages complex digital transformation projects as part of their academic studies 

The J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics at NUI Galway has partnered with Galway based technology start-up Tr3Dent to pilot their new cloud-based project management software tool ‘Transformation Accelerator’ with their Business Information System students for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The Transformation Accelerator product is an enterprise software platform that leverages visualisation technology and best practices to enable global companies to plan, build and manage the complex ecosystems required to deliver new digital services and business models. The software is currently being used by global organisations such as Oracle and Huawei technologies. 

The software tool can be used for for stress testing a new business model for a software service or product prior to actually launching it into the market. For example, a company interested in adopting blockchain (a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly) could use the platform to map out how it would impact their existing business activities before going to market. The software provides a trial run to eliminate any problems before deploying to a customer base.

Transformation Accelerator was launched by Tr3Dent in May 2017, and currently has over 100 companies from Europe, North America and Asia using the product to develop new digital product offerings and to manage complex digital transformation projects such as Smart Cities, eHealth, Utilities, Factory Automation, General Data Protection Regulation and Blockchain.

Tr3Dent CEO, Kevin McCaffrey said: “Our Transformation Accelerator product is specifically designed to help companies define the new business models and ecosystems needed to launch new products and services in today’s Digital Economy. By providing this product to the University we are empowering the business students with the same tools, techniques and methodologies that are currently being used by over 100 companies globally.”

Chris Barry, Programme Director of the MSc in Information Systems Management at NUI Galway, said: “Our postgraduate students use a wide variety of information systems development software applications and technologies on the programme. We have used conventional project management applications until now so it is a great opportunity for our students to use innovative cloud-based project management tools, provided by Tr3Dent, a local company.”

Dr Trevor Clohessy, Information Systems Management major project supervisor at NUI Galway, added: “When I initially trialled the business Transformation Accelerator software, I could immediately see the benefits that our students could derive for project managing their deliverables. It will enable them to work smarter, bridge the gap between business and IT and most significantly gain experience using organisational best practice templates and industry standards.”

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