NUI Galway Sponsors 2019 User Experience Empathy Jam Galway

Oct 31 2019 Posted: 09:05 GMT

Empathy Jam Galway, a user experience research and design event which is sponsored by NUI Galway, will be held in the Portershed, Eyre Square, on Saturday, 2 November. The first Empathy Jam took place in New York in 2016 and the very successful inaugural Empathy Jam Galway in 2018. Empathy Jam will bring together Galway residents and technologists to collaborate on new ways to feel connected, supported, and excited about imagining and creating our future.

Participants in the event will be given a challenge to solve in relation to improving the everyday lives of those around them. With help from experienced mentors, they will then collaborate and innovate to reach a creative solution while learning or practicing User Experience Design methods.

Through Empathy Jam, participants will learn how empathy can connect us all, solve problems, and build something with lasting impact.

User experience (UX) advocate, NUI Galway alumnus and event co-organiser, Diarmaid Ó Fátharta, said: “From my experience of attending Empathy Jam in New York in 2017, I discovered how important and essential the skill of empathy is to the development of solutions for current and future challenges. We saw the same with Empathy Jam Galway last year. Empathy Jam Galway will give participants the opportunity to learn about empathy and to become aware of this ability when working in various scenarios, including building technological solutions.”

Mairéad Hogan, Lecturer in Business Information Systems at NUI Galway, said: “This event is a fantastic opportunity to bring together students, industry and residents. Working together, in an empathetic way, we can produce solutions to the problems that affect us all in this city. Empathy Jam will allow participants the chance to devise an array of potential solutions to problems in Galway City ranging from mental health to water safety.”

The event is €10/€15 early bird registration for students/non-students and €20 for late registration. Tickets to the event are now available at With the high demand last year, those wanting to attend are advised to book early. 

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