NUI Galway Researchers Seek Participants for Multiple Sclerosis Study

Jan 14 2020 Posted: 14:04 GMT

Researchers from NUI Galway are currently recruiting participants aged 18 years or over to take part in a new nine-week Cognitive Occupation-Based Programme for People with Multiple Sclerosis (COB-MS).

Approximately 50-60% of the 9,000 people in Ireland living with MS have difficulties with cognition, which has a large impact on their quality of life. The new COB-MS program based in NUI Galway was developed to address the wide-ranging symptoms and functional difficulties, associated with cognition, that present in MS. The program emphasises the ability to maintain employment, social activities, managing the home and self-care; and is focused on rehabilitation through an individualised cognitive intervention that is measured by and taught through an occupational participation perspective.

The research program aims to assess: the preliminary efficacy, the acceptability and feasibility of the program; the outcome measures and procedures used within the program; the barriers and facilitators to using COB-MS; and to determine the appropriateness of progression to a definitive trial through gathering and assessing key trial information.

According to the primary investigator on this research program, NUI Galway’s Dr Sinéad Hynes said: “Past research suggests that cognitive intervention and rehabilitation can enhance daily functioning in people with MS. A lot of work has gone into the development of the COB-MS program to ensure that it targets such cognitive activities applied in real-world settings. As a result, we're hopeful that the program will benefit people living with MS on wide-ranging outcomes.”

To participate in the programme or for more information email or call 087 449 1154.


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