University of Galway announces formal partnership with Students’ Union

Announcing the formal partnership between University of Galway and the University’s Students’ Union were University of Galway President, Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh and President of University of Galway Students’ Union Sai Gujulla. Credit – Sean Lydon.
Apr 19 2023 Posted: 09:38 IST

University of Galway and the University’s Students’ Union have announced a formal partnership.

The aim of the agreement is for staff and students at the University to collaborate to deliver real and positive change in the areas of student-centred decision making and student participation and engagement.

President of University of Galway, Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh said: “University of Galway’s strategic plan Shared Vision, Shaped by Values 2020-2025 and its core values of respect, openness, excellence and sustainability were developed and defined with input from both staff and students. In particular, we committed to being here for our students, our society and our planet. Our new and formal partnership between our University and our Students’ Union is a manifestation of that commitment to our students as University of Galway, a university for the public good.” 

President of University of Galway Students’ Union Sai Gujulla said: “By working together to a common agreed purpose, we can promote enhancements that deliver meaningful benefits for our university community. We are setting out to achieve an enhanced working relationship between the University and the Students’ Union based on the values of openness and respect, in a spirit of collaboration and positive intent, and with meaningful results that deliver mutual benefit for the entire university community.”

The Student Partnership Agreement seeks to enable a culture of change through collaboration, reciprocity and shared responsibility between staff and students.

It sets out a commitment to regular and open communication at various levels between the University and the Students’ Union “in a spirit of respect and positive intent”. 

Among the aims are to increase the student voice in decision-making and to bring about greater student representation on relevant committees. As part of the agreement, training will be offered to students who which to participate in this way and for staff who wish to work with students in this way. The partnership also aims to gather feedback from students to inform meaningful and positive change. 

The University also commits to funding orientation programmes; on-campus social events to build a sense of community; academic skills development training, including exam support; health and well-being; and personal, professional and civic development training. 


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