Professor Alma McCarthy and Martin Shanahan honoured at the Irish Academy of Management conference

Professor Anthony McDonnell, Chair of the Irish Academy of Management; Professor Alma McCarthy, University of Galway; and Dr Majella Giblin, Chair of the Irish Academy of Management Conference 2023.
Sep 04 2023 Posted: 14:12 IST

University of Galway’s Professor Alma McCarthy has been recognised for her contribution to academia, research and leadership and honoured with the Fellowship of the Irish Academy of Management. 

Professor McCarthy, Dean of the University’s J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics, has been awarded the prestigious Fellowship at the Irish Academy of Management annual conference, held at the University, while Martin Shanahan, Partner and Head of Industry and Foreign Direct Investment at Grant Thornton, was bestowed with the distinguished TK Whitaker Award.

Both Professor Alma McCarthy and Martin Shanahan were acknowledged during the IAM conference for their remarkable achievements and dedication to their respective fields and contributions which serve as inspiration to academics, professionals, and aspiring leaders across Ireland.

Professor McCarthy said: "I am deeply honoured to receive the Fellowship of the Irish Academy of Management. The Irish Academy of Management is the leading professional association for management studies, research and education on the island of Ireland.  I look forward to continue supporting the work of the Academy, especially in supporting and mentoring early career academics and PhD students."

Martin Shanahan said: “I am humbled by this recognition from the Irish Academy of Management, not least because the award carries the name of its first recipient TK Whitaker and to be considered in the same sphere as him and the roll call of exceptional nominees that have been awarded it over the years is a huge honour."

Professor McCarthy is recognised for her impactful research, policy influence, and leadership within the Irish Academy of Management, as well as her commitment to fostering collaboration, academic rigor, and mentorship which has earned her high esteem from colleagues and students alike.

Martin Shanahan is recognised as having an impressive background in leadership and policy development, policy development, and advocacy for diversity, including within government agencies, as the former head of IDA Ireland. His contributions to economic growth, employment and diversity in the workplace have been exceptional. His commitment to promoting inclusivity and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights underscores his dedication to building an open and diverse business culture in Ireland. The TK Whitaker Award recognises his significant contributions to economic development and employment, as well as his invaluable efforts in cultivating an inclusive work environment.


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