Modernising LifeTime Contracts - One Day Conference

Feb 07 2023 Posted: 18:10 GMT

The principles of LifeTime Contracts apply to contracts for the essentials of life, food, housing, employment, energy and credit, essential for the self-realisation of people and their participation in society, guaranteeing a minimum of social dignity and moral values.

Some of these Principles are informing the development of EU consumer law and being advanced within the CJEU application of consumer rights in relation to energy and employment as well respect for home and mortgage consumer rights.

The Conference will be addressed by the creators of the LifeTime Contract Principles - Professor Luca Nogler and Prof Udo Reifner and will be of interest to private, contract, consumer, labour, housing and other lawyers as well, as EU and public policy researchers.

The Event will take place on the 20th April 2023, from 9am to 5pm in CA110 J.E. Cairnes Building, University of Galway. 

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