New Book - The European and International Contribution to the Right to Housing: Standards, Litigation and Advocacy

May 19 2023 Posted: 13:35 IST

We are delighted to present this new book produced under the direction of Professor Padraic Kenna of University of Galway and Noria Derdek - Fondation Abbé Pierre (France), in association with Housing Rights Watch (Brussels). This publication contains a contemporary review of the “state of the art” of housing rights in Europe. The expert contributions are remarkable for their diversity of functions, points of view and the different origins of their legitimacy: judges and European monitoring bodies, lawyers, academics, legal officers of national and international non-governmental organizations and other experts. Key topics addressed include housing rights, European Union law and obligations of European States, social and environmental rights, strategic litigation, the requirements of “proportionality” in evictions, rent control, housing standards, social housing, fuel poverty and regulation. 

This book outlines and evaluates key developments on housing rights in Europe in 2023, and will inform policy makers, legislators, housing rights advocates, adjudicators and decision-makers, on how the fundamental right to housing can be protected and promoted in Europe.

The complete publication is available for free here 

(available in English and French)