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I joined the Marketing Discipline in February 2021 as a Lecturer in Marketing.  I previously held a Senior Lecturer in Marketing post at Lancaster University and various fractional lecturing posts at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham University Business School, and the University of Leicester. I am a member of the Academy of Marketing Science, and the Academy of Marketing, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Before commencing my academic journey, I worked in various roles across a range of services sectors including mobile communications, fashion, and retail. In particular, I worked with the UK's first sector-specific Environmental Management Scheme (EMS) for Higher Education, which was funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). My research to date has been published in academic journals such as the Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Business Research, and Marketing Theory. I was the co-track chair for the 43rd Annual Macromarketing Conference (2018) stream titled: Tourism, Sustainability, and Community Wellbeing” track. I have offered commentaries based on my research expertise for Sky News (Feb, 2018) as well as the consumer affairs programme "You and Yours" on BBC Radio 4 (April 2019). My work has received press attention cited in publications such as the Irish Times, Irish Independent, USA Northern California, Marketing Business Week, thedrum.com, Snappii, and Computer Weekly among others.

Research Interests

I completed my Ph.D. at Nottingham University Business School in 2012 under the direction of Professor Andrew Smith (marketing) and Professor Scott McCabe (tourism marketing). My Ph.D. thesis explored the concept of emotion and its role in consumers' ethical choices through the theoretical lens of Goldie's (2009) phenomenological perspective of emotion. This perspective aims to understand emotional encounters, what is felt or what it feels like, as part of an individual's everyday life. It concentrates on developing the subjective nature of emotional experiences.

Areas of interest include:
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Hedonic Consumption
  • Ethical Consumption
  • Emotions
  • Services Marketing Theory
  • Tourism Marketing esp. Ethical/Responsible & Eco-Tourism practices
  • Food Consumption
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Transformative Consumer Research: sustainability and community wellbeing.
I am interested in supervising students with an interest in the following research topics:

•Consumer Behaviour and Ethical Consumption
•Emotions and Hedonic/Experiential Consumption Practices
•Sustainability, consumption and community well-being (TCR)
•Services Dominant Logic and Customer Sphere
•Tourism Marketing and Ethical Practices

Peer Reviewed Journals

  Year Publication
(2019) 'Lifeway Alibis: The biographical bases for unruly bricolage'
Cronin, J. and Malone, S. (2019) 'Lifeway Alibis: The biographical bases for unruly bricolage'. Marketing Theory, 19 (2):129-147 [DOI] [Details]
(2017) 'Tourists’ Emotions as a Resource for Customer Value Creation, Co-Creation and Destruction: A Customer-Grounded Understanding'
Malone, S.; McKechnie, S.; Tynan, C. (2017) 'Tourists’ Emotions as a Resource for Customer Value Creation, Co-Creation and Destruction: A Customer-Grounded Understanding'. Journal of Travel Research, 57 (7):843-855 [DOI] [Details]
(2014) 'The role of hedonism in ethical tourism'
Malone, S., McCabe, S. Smith, A. (2014) 'The role of hedonism in ethical tourism'. Annals Of Tourism Research, 44 :241-254 [DOI] [Details]

Book Chapters

  Year Publication
(2014) 'Ethical tourism: the role of emotion'
Sheila Malone (2014) 'Ethical tourism: the role of emotion' In: Managing ethical consumption in tourism. London: Routledge. [Details]

Book Review

  Year Publication
(2017) Responsible Tourism: Using Tourism for Sustainable Development, 2nd edition, H. Goodwin. Goodfellow Publications, Oxford (2016).
Malone, S. (2017) Responsible Tourism: Using Tourism for Sustainable Development, 2nd edition, H. Goodwin. Goodfellow Publications, Oxford (2016). Oxford: Goodfellow Publications Book Review [DOI] [Details]

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Academy of Marketing Science Member /
Higher Education Academy Fellow /
Academy of Marketing (UK) Member /


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University of Leicester Lecturer (casual) /
Nottingham Business School Lecturer in Marketing /
Lancaster University Senior Lecturer /
University of Nottingham Lecturer (casual) /


  Year Institution Qualification Subject
2012 University of Nottingham PhD Marketing

Modules Taught

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2020/2021 Global Business to Business MK5120
2020/2021 Foundations of Marketing Thought MK1100
2020/2021 Global Marketing MK303