Dr Faisal Sharif


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Executive Director, BioInnovate



Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Soalta Group                                                          
Senior Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine, NUI Galway       
Executive Director, BioInnovate Ireland ·         
Founding Director, Cardiovascular Research Centre Galway
Academic Lead for undergraduate Cardiovascular Medicine
Associate Director for Clinical Research Facility Galway for cardiovascular trials ·        
Principal Investigator, CURAM-SFI Center for Medical Devices


2007      Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Vascular Biology, NUI Galway, Ireland                            
1993      Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S), University of Karachi, Pakistan 


Major Achievements: 

1. Clinical          
· Introduced multiple novel devices for clinical use for patients with chronic illness such as transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) for aortic stenosis, renal artery denervation (RDN) for hypertension and optical coherence tomography (OCT).
· Leadership role in developing strong Industrial, Academic and Clinical partnership.         
Developed international reputation of Ireland by establishing the only Centre of Excellence for Hypertension treatment in Ireland and UK.
Developed international reputation of Ireland by establishing the only Centre of Excellence for Hypertension treatment in Ireland and UK. ·        
· Principal Investigator for multinational randomised clinical trials for CAD and Heart Failure (Achieved HPRA approval for cardiac stem cell trial).
· Established a Cardiovascular Research Centre (CVRC) Galway with 16 research fellows, post-docs, and post-graduates. The centre provides an interface for clinical, biomedical, electrical engineering, biomaterial and regenerative medicine collaboration (http://www.cvrcgalway.ie/).  

2. Academic Research and Innovation                
· Total grant funding from Enterprise Ireland, SFI, IRC and other sources approximately 9 million Euros as PI, Co-PI or Collaborator.
· More than 80 peer-reviewed journal publications since 2006.
· Provided leadership, clinical research direction and mentoring for BioInnovate programme and fellows with economic benefits to the society and Medtech sector.         
· BioInnovate Outputs: (http://www.bioinnovate.ie/)         
55 Fellows, 32 graduate students and 80 industry professionals trained in 
55 Fellows, 32 graduate students and 80 industry professionals trained in the ‘Process of Med Tech Innovation, 14 Fellows currently in Training. Enterprise Ireland Funding: €1.86M in Fellowship Stipends – 6 Years, €8.5M (approx) in Commercialisation Funding (18 Technologies) – over 5 years, €1.15M Cash, €195K in kind Donation Industry over 5 years, €420K in EIT Health Funding in 2 years. 5 Start-ups and 8 Patents
· Currently working on two commercialization funds with the aim to have two spin-outs (HPSU) in 2017 (LIFELET and AURIGEN). ·        
· Intellectual Property: 5 patent applications under review, 2 patents awarded and 5 invention disclosures filed.
· Identified and led the recruitment effort for Prof William Wijns as a SFI Professor of Interventional Cardiology at NUIG.  

3. Education and Teaching         
· Academic lead for cardiovascular medicine.
· Under-graduate teaching (3rd and 5th Med): Curriculum innovation, Assessment mentorship, role in education of international students. ·        
· Post-graduate teaching, (Biomedical Engineering, Cardiology trainees, NCHDs, General Practitioners , BioInnovate bootcamp, Nursing) IMDA/IBEC Course for R&D, National/International courses on complex coronary intervention.
· Developed Audio visual link between cath lab and industry.         
· Established a medical device design innovation programme for Irish Medtech sector and R and D engineers in Ireland in 2012 in collaboration with IBEC and IMDA.
· Live and recorded transmission, Teaching International faculty for Cardiovascular medicine in collaboration with multi-nationals. ·        
· International Educational Seminars for EuroPCR (https://www.pcronline.com/Courses/EuroPCR) ·        · Dedicated educational sessions for Local industry (Medtronic, Boston, Merit, Creggana).         
· Developing Masters in Interventional Cardiology with PCR.        
· Academic lead for NUIG participation in EU consortium CardioPath: International PhD programme in Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Therapeutics. (http://www.cardiopath.eu/).   
· Developed a National meeting “Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine”.         
· Developing a Master’ in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine in collaboration with EuroPCR/EAPCI/EUROPA (https://www.pcronline.com/Courses/EuroPCR) (to start in 2018 academic year).

Memberships and Fellowships:

Fellow, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 
Fellow, European Society of Cardiology 
Fellow, American College of Cardiology
British Interventional and Cardiac Society
ESC council of Stroke,
Irish Cardiac Society.
Board member         
Advisory Board for BioInnovate, Ireland

EuroPCR/Resistant HTN course ·        
Irish representation on Medtronic European Advisory Board

Croí, Heart & Stroke Charity


Please find a complete list of my publications here: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=65b2HiwAAAAJ&hl=en