NUI Galway and Ballymun collaborate on Housing Law Course

Monday, 4 August 2008

Roisín Shortall, T.D., Labour Spokesperson on Social and Family Affairs recently presented a group of Ballymun-based students, who participated in an NUI Galway law course through an interactive video link, with Certificates of Attendance at the Ballymun Civic Centre, Dublin. The Housing Law & Policy course was developed and presented by Dr Padraic Kenna of the Faculty of Law, NUI Galway in conjunction with the Ballymun Community Law Centre (BCLC). The lectures were video linked in real time to community volunteers, welfare staff, local authority tenants and their representatives, and other interested parties living in Ballymun. Over 12 weeks, the Ballymun group gathered in the Council Chamber Civic Offices to link via video with some 60 Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Civil Law students at NUI Galway for the interactive weekly classes. Dr Padraic Kenna, law lecturer at NUI Galway is the author of the definitive work Housing Law and Policy in Ireland. According to Dr Kenna; "An innovative use of the latest technology has enabled law students at NUI Galway to interact in their learning with people who are at the heart of a Dublin community, where housing law and policies have had such an impact". The course covered the traditional housing and property law areas, private rented housing, social housing and modern approaches to social inclusion in housing. There was also a significant focus on preparing presentations with proposals for a Housing Bill. Part of the course involved a field trip to BCLC and Ballymun Regeneration Project where students could assess at first hand the relevance of the course. This innovative link-up was facilitated by the Mr Pat Monaghan and the University Audio-visual unit. It was supported by NUI Galway's Community Knowledge Initiative, which promotes civic engagement among academics, students and the wider community. Since its inception, the Ballymun Community Law Centre has consistently sought to empower the residents and community workers of Ballymun. BCLC Solicitor Frank Murphy, a law graduate of NUI Galway, said at the presentation, "Dr. Kenna and the Law School at NUI Galway are to be congratulated on their continuing commitment to bringing law into the community. They have broken new ground by video linking their wonderful housing law and policy course direct from the groves of academe in the magnificent Galway campus into the heart of Ballymun. Through the years Ballymun has been deprived of access to justice, and indeed, access to law and legal education, but Padraic and NUI Galway are bringing legal education straight to the community. Once again the interactive participation of the students in Galway and in Ballymun was first class. Their joint contributions live on air to a new Housing Bill were breathtaking in their range, imagination and understanding. This was in no small part due to the inspirational delivery and content of Dr Kenna whom BCLC would wish to thank most sincerely." ENDS

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Inter-College Technology Development Competition

Monday, 4 August 2008

Winners of an Inter-College Technology Development Competition led by NUI Galway were recently announced and presented prizes sponsored by Kernel Capital Partners. The HEA Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) project between NUI Galway, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and University College Cork (UCC) included multidisciplinary and cross university teams working together on the commercialisation of research and technology transfer. The aim of the HEA SIF programme is to enhance the commercialisation of research and other knowledge-based activity in an academic environment. As a core component of this programme a competition was set up to improve existing entrepreneurship and innovation training programmes through the intercollegiate exchange of approaches, materials, case studies, specific events, and workshops. Ms Fiona Neary, Business Development Manager, Ignite Technology Transfer Office, NUI Galway, said: "This programme provides for the embedding of entrepreneurship education and training with technology programmes, while establishing tangible links between academic schools, incubation centres and technology transfer offices. This premise and the willingness of students to increase their business skills and become an entrepreneurially minded graduate makes this a very worthwhile national collaboration". Ms Neary added: "The expert panel judging the competition made reference to some of the technology concepts submitted having a high probability of becoming a commercial success and programmes such as this one is exactly what is needed to encourage student's to think entrepreneurially". The competition winners from each campus were: Joseph Mackle, best NUI Galway presentation from the NCBES and REMEDI Research Centres; Suzanne Cloonan, best TCD presentation; and Ken Reynolds, best UCC presentation and overall winner. ENDS

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Loretta Brennan Glucksman and Bill Clinton to be Honoured at NUI Galway Gala Din

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Two individuals who have made outstanding contributions to delivering peace and prosperity on the island of Ireland over the past two decades will be guests of honour at this year's NUI Galway gala dinner in the Metropolitan Club, New York on Monday, 24 November. NUI Galway's US Board has announced that the unique contributions made by both Loretta Brennan Glucksman, Chairperson of the American Ireland Fund, and former President Bill Clinton, founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation, will be recognised at this year's event. Ms. Brennan Glucksman has been selected as the Honoree at this year's dinner in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Ireland through the American Ireland Fund and a range of other organisations and educational bodies. A third generation Irish-American, from Pennsylvania, Ms. Brennan Glucksman has served as Chairman of the American Ireland Fund since 1995 and spearheaded the Fund's successful "Hope & History" $100 million campaign. She is Co-Chair of Glucksman Ireland House, the centre for Irish Studies at New York University, which she and her husband Lew established in 1993. President Clinton will be recognised as Distinguished Guest at this year's NUI Galway New York Gala for his outstanding contribution to Ireland, north and south, during his eight years of service as President of the United States, and in subsequent years since he left office. In making the announcement, the Chairman of NUI Galway's US Board of Directors, Mr Declan Kelly, stated: "We are truly honoured to be able to recognise the remarkable contribution to Ireland and its people that both Loretta Brennan Glucksman and President Clinton have made in so many different ways over the past two decades. Loretta is indeed a most worthy honouree given her unique contribution to Irish academic life not only in Ireland itself but through the establishment and development of Glucksman Ireland House at New York University. President Clinton's commitment to the securing of peace in Northern Ireland, and his friendship to Ireland as a whole throughout his political career, has been absolutely remarkable and we are deeply honoured to have been given the opportunity to recognise that contribution with his attendance at this year's event". NUI Galway Board Dinner Chairman, Michael Higgins, added: "Last year's dinner, where we honoured Gabriel Byrne, was one we shall all remember for a very long time for so many great reasons. This year's dinner is truly unique – recognising two wonderful ambassadors of everything that is at the centre of Irish life and Irishness itself – hard work, dedication, selflessness and perseverance. We are delighted to have the opportunity to recognize all Loretta Brennan Glucksman and President Clinton have done for Ireland both in Ireland itself and here in the United States". As one of Ireland's foremost centres of academic excellence, NUI Galway has emerged as a powerful engine for economic growth in the West of Ireland. NUI Galway is a leader among Irish Universities in several key areas with global impact – including Bioengineering, Medical Research, Marine Science and Law and Human Rights. In addition, the University has a distinguished reputation for research in the humanities, particularly in the fields of Irish Studies, Film and Literature, contributing to the cultural vibrancy and artistic richness of the region. For further details please contact: Ireland - Margaret Wright +353 91 493536 US - Sarah Kelly +1 347 623 3866 -ends-

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NUI Galway Researchers Report Health and Educational Experience at Post Primary

Monday, 29 September 2008

The Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) Support Service and the Health Promotion Research Centre at NUI Galway are pleased to announce the launch of a report entitled The Implementation of SPHE at post-primary school level: A case study approach commissioned by the Management Committee of the SPHE Support Service (Post Primary). The research for the report The Implementation of SPHE at post-primary school level: A case study approach was carried out by the Health Promotion Research Centre, Department of Health Promotion, NUI Galway, led by Dr. Saoirse Nic Gabhainn and Professor Margaret Barry. The overall aim of the study was to examine the contribution of SPHE to the experience of Junior Cycle students and to the Junior Cycle curriculum. In addition to the views of teachers, SPHE Coordinators, Principals and Regional Development Officers from the SPHE Support Service it also includes the views of two significant stakeholders in the SPHE process: students and parents. Dr Saoirse Nic Gabhainn, of NUI Galway s Health Promotion Research Centre, said: "Schools and teachers are an important part of children s lives and together with parents and families play a key role in improving health and well-being". This research illustrates the value and of us all working together to help improve children s lives". SPHE is concerned with enabling young people to reflect on their attitudes and values and to adopt appropriate behaviours that will assist them in coping with life's challenges. One of the key aims of the SPHE programme is to develop the young person's personal and social confidence and to give them the skills to make responsible decisions that respect their own dignity and the dignity of others. The SPHE Support Service provides support to individual SPHE teachers and also offers school based in-service to support a whole school approach to the principles of SPHE within the context of the Health Promoting School. The report examines the quality and value of SPHE; supports for the implementation of SPHE; the contribution of SPHE to the health and educational experience of Junior Cycle students; the perspectives of stakeholders and the possible introduction of SPHE into senior cycle. The report finds that SPHE is challenging, worthwhile, valuable and helpful and that quality teaching and relevant resources are essential for successful implementation in schools. However, curriculum overload, timetabling pressures and lack of status influence SPHE provision. The report suggests that more emphasis needs to be given to whole-school in-service training in order to create a whole-school approach that will support the SPHE programme. It also states that the HSE plays a pivotal role in assisting schools to link with their local communities. The Support Service is a partnership between the Department of Education and Science, the HSE and the Department of Health and Children and is based in Marino Institute of Education, Dublin 9. -Ends-

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NUI Galway and Bank of Ireland Launch Affinity Credit Card

Monday, 29 September 2008

NUI Galway and Bank of Ireland are delighted to announce the launch of their new affinity credit card available exclusively to alumni, staff and students. Each time an Affinity Card is used the University will benefit, so Graduates of NUI Galway can show their association with the University and support it financially at the same time. The new NUI Galway Bank of Ireland Affinity Credit Card will be formally launched at a reception held in the Aula Maxima, Quadrangle Building in the University today (Monday, 29 September) at 6.00pm. At the event, Dr James J Browne, President of NUI Galway, will make a presentation to Mr Richie Boucher, Chief Executive, Retail Financial Services, Bank of Ireland, to mark the launch of the card. The launch of the new affinity credit card also coincides with the renewal of Bank of Ireland's exclusive on-campus banking franchise at NUI Galway. Tom Joyce, Galway University Foundation Executive Director, said: "The proceeds from the uptake and use of these cards marks a significant contribution by alumni to the prosperity of their alma mater. It is fitting then that the funds will be directed to the NUI Galway Alumni Fund priority projects". When you become a cardholder, Bank of Ireland will make a donation for every account opened as well as contributing a percentage of the annual spend on your card to the Galway University Foundation at no cost to the cardholder, and without disclosing any confidential account details. For further information and application forms, drop down to your Bank of Ireland, NUI Galway branch or call 091 524555. -Ends-

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