Distance-Learning Delivery for New Degree in Social Care

Nov 17 2008 Posted: 00:00 GMT
NUI Galway will officially launch its new Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Care at its annual social care seminar from 22-23 November. Using distance-learning techniques, the B.A. programme combines home-study, tutor support, work placement and workshops available in NUI Galway centres in Carlow, Galway and Portarlington. The four year, part- time, programme builds on the successful certificate and diploma courses offered since 1993. The new B.A. in Social Care is designed for adult learners returning to education, with experience in care work. Flexibility is provided by allowing students to exit and return to the programme at different points, taking up to seven years to complete the degree or choosing to finish at the end of year one with a certificate, or year two with a diploma. Course Director, NUI Galway's Dr Jane Sixsmith, says flexible access to third-level learning opportunities for social care workers will ultimately enhance care: "In the field of social care, increased attention is being given to qualifications, regulation and professionalisation. The degree programme is designed with this in mind, to support the education needs of social care workers, in as flexible a manner as possible". Dr Sixsmith added: "This degree programme provides an opportunity for a much broader range of people to access third level education than would traditionally be the case and exemplifies the University's commitment to life long learning". The theme of this year's social care seminar is "Working with Older People". Over 250 NUI Galway students undertaking social care programmes will attend, including the first cohort of B.A. students. For more information about the B.A. in Social Care please visit www.nuig.ie/hpr, call 091 493874, or email yvonne.forde@nuigalway.ie


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