First conferring for BA in Community and Family Studies

Oct 21 2008 Posted: 00:00 IST
The Community Education Centre, NUI Galway warmly congratulates all students awarded the Diploma in Arts: Community and Family Studies, following the successful completion of the first two years of a four year (part-time) degree programme in Community and Family Studies. This new BA programme is one of the first such programmes in Ireland to provide adult learners with the opportunity to study community and family work policy and practice through the medium of distance learning. The attainment of the Diploma in Arts: Community and Family Studies marks the mid point of this Degree cycle and is testament to the effort and commitment of the students who graduated on Friday, 17 October, 2008. Speaking at the conferring ceremony, President of NUI Galway, Dr James J. Browne, said: "This flexible blended-learning degree programme builds on the University's track record in Community Development and now provides a significant opportunity for all of you graduating tonight to progress into degree level studies in the Social Sciences." The Community Education Centre is a core component of Adult and Continuing Education at NUI Galway. Seamus O'Grady, Director of Adult and Continuing Education highlights the ever increasing significance of education in light of the fundamental challenges now facing both our economy and society, and more particularly the role of educational institutions in assisting communities to respond to these challenges. "Over the past 30 years Adult and Continuing Education has actively supported community development, this BA programme is designed to meet identified needs, and build on the University's track record of community engagement and the promotion of life-long learning. Global trends have a local effect and the research strengths of the University, particularly in the field of Political Science and Sociology, can assist families and communities to tackle new and existing challenges" he said. Focussing on key areas such as community development, family support, youth work, childcare, health and general political and socio-economic studies, the BA in Community and Family Studies seeks to respond to the requirements of our ever changing society, and also to the requirements of a broad spectrum of adult learners seeking recognised qualifications in formal education.


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