Centre for Disability Law and Policy Hold Third International Summer School

May 23 2011 Posted: 17:08 IST

The Centre for Disability Law and Policy at NUI Galway will hold its third International Summer School from 6 to 11 June. The School will be co-hosted by the Harvard Law School Project on Disability and will take place in Room MY129, Áras Moyola at NUI Galway.

The purpose of this six-day summer school is to equip participants with the insights and skills necessary to translate the generalities of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities into tangible reform for persons with disabilities.

The teaching faculty includes senior academics, practitioners and policy makers from around the world who have been directly and actively engaged in drafting and implementing the Convention.

The participants will similarly be from around the world and will bring great diversity to the debate; including persons with disabilities, their families, civil society groups of persons with disabilities as well as advocates for disability law reform, lawyers, policy makers and policy analysts and others.

The summer school is directed by Professor Gerard Quinn, Director of the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at NUI Galway and Professor Michael Stein, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School and Executive Director, Harvard Law School Project on Disability.

Professor Quinn states that, “This summer school is all about power - restoring power to persons with disabilities over their own lives and giving them knowledge and skills based on the new UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. Above all it belongs to the people affected and is structured in such a way as to enable people explore for themselves the relevance of the convention in their own lives and in the process of change.”

Further information is available from the summer school website at: http://www.nuigalway.ie/cdlp/summer_school/welcome.html.



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