NUI Galway part of new €88 million Data Analytics centre, launched by Minister Bruton

Pictured is Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mr Richard Bruton T.D. Picture Stuart McNamara/Jason Clarke Photography
Dec 12 2013 Posted: 11:48 GMT
  • Insight, the Centre for Data Analytics, will position Ireland at the heart of global Data Analytics research
  • The largest investment in a single research centre in the history of the state
  • Uniting 4 universities, 30 industry partners, and 200 researchers in one multi-location research centre
  • Creating 300 direct jobs through 12 funded spin outs, as well as creating indirectly thousands of other job opportunities

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mr Richard Bruton T.D. and Minister for Research and Innovation, Mr Sean Sherlock T.D. officially launched Insight, a new Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Centre for Data Analytics. In a joint initiative between NUI Galway, UCC, DCU and UCD, Insight brings together more than 200 researchers from these and other Higher Education institutions, with 30 industry partners, to position Ireland at the heart of global data analytics research.

The Centre will receive funding of €58 million from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation through SFI’s Research Centres Programme, along with a further contribution of €30 million from 30 industry partners. Insight represents a new approach to research and development in Ireland, by connecting the scientific research of Ireland’s leading data analytics researchers with the needs of industry and enterprise. 

Insight will work with more than 30 industry partners, including many Galway partners, and ranging from small Irish startups to established SMEs and large multinationals, on a range of projects to advance data analytics technologies in Ireland. Industry partners include RTÉ, The Irish Times, Cisco, Microsoft,  Alcatel-Lucent , Santry  Sports Clinic, the IRFU, Avaya, TE Labs, TreeMetrics, NitroSell, Avego, UTRC , Shimmer and many more. 

Big data is a sector targeted as part of the Disruptive Reforms in Action Plan for Jobs 2013, and today’s announcement marks delivery of a key action contained in the Plan.

Speaking at the launch of Insight, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mr Richard Bruton T.D. said:“Big data is a sector growing globally at 40% per annum, and we have targeted it as part of the Disruptive Reforms contained in Action Plan for Jobs 2013. This is a sector where Ireland has the potential to gain competitive advantage and attract significant numbers of investments and jobs, and we are putting in place measures to ensure that we can deliver on that potential. The establishment of this world-class SFI research centre in data analytics, with a total investment of €88million supported by my Department, is a strong signal of our ambition in this area. Today’s announcement, in combination with the other measures we have put in place in this sector, will help attract the investment, support the business ideas and create the jobs in Ireland that we need.”

Also speaking at the launch, Minister for Research and Innovation, Mr Sean Sherlock T.D. said: “The launch of Insight is an important step forward in the development of the skills base necessary for Ireland to harness and channel the current and future potential of Big Data. Insight is a major national investment in this new area of research and one that is essential for Ireland’s future success in the technology sector.”

In today’s society, an increasing torrent of data is being created every second in the world around us. Insight will play a leading role in developing next generation technologies to capture and transform the raw data being generated into valuable concepts and ideas that can inform better decisions about society, the economy, healthcare and government.

At the launch today, President of NUI Galway, Dr Jim Browne said: "NUI Galway has an international reputation in the field of data analytics and the semantic web, so we are delighted to be part of such a significant national research centre in a rapidly expanding field.  In bringing together so many talented researchers, across four locations, Insight will put Ireland on the map for Data Analytics globally and will bring tremendous benefits to both the University and our ICT industry partners in Galway and beyond."

Insight will lead to the creation of 300 direct jobs, as well as to the training of the next generation of data analytics experts. Over the next six years, Insight research is expected to result in 12 new spin out companies, approximately 50 patent filings, and over 50 technology licenses, leading to thousands of indirect jobs in the data analytics sector.

Data Analytics is big business as Ireland stands to benefit significantly from the scale of the global analytics market. The global market for business analytics is estimated to be worth in excess of $34 billion, with Big Data driving a 60% increase in the operating margins of retailers, while the annual value of data analytics for the US healthcare system is valued at $300 billion.

Commenting on the potential for data analytics research in Ireland, Professor Stefan Decker, a Director of Insight, said: "Data Analytics offers enormous potential for Ireland's economy. Data by itself is meaningless but with the technologies and understanding to extract meaning from data, its potential is limitless. As a technology, Data Analytics transcends boundaries, bringing benefits to sectors as diverse as healthcare, government, the economy and the media. Insight is a unique partnership between research and industry, enabling us to transition our technologies into practise for the benefit of society.”

Commenting on the potential for the data analytics market in Ireland, CEO of Insight, Professor Barry Smyth, said:  “Data analytics represents a huge growth opportunity for Ireland and we are perfectly positioned to take advantage of it. Spending on Big Data technologies is growing at 30% per annum as demand for data analytics skills continues to outstrip supply. In Insight we have brought together the country’s leading data analytics researchers to meet this demand and create new opportunities for Ireland and our industry partners.” 

Speaking at the announcement, Professor Mark Ferguson, Director General of SFI and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government said: “Insight will provide Ireland with a new flagship national research resource in information and communications technology (ICT) and underlines Ireland’s focused investment in excellent research with impact. Insight is one of seven world-class SFI Research Centres of scale and excellence that involve significant co-investment by industry partners. Insight will be undertaking research that is fundamental to Ireland’s enhanced competitive positioning in the area of data analytics as well as our international standing in the overall ICT sector.”


OÉ Gaillimh páirteach in ionad nua €88 milliún na hAnailísíochta Sonraí a sheol an tAire Bruton

  • Cuirfidh Insight, Ionad na hAnailísíochta Sonraí, Éire i gcroílár an taighde dhomhanda ar Anailísíocht Sonraí
  • An infheistíocht is mó in aon ionad taighde amháin ó bunaíodh an stát
  • Ag cónascadh 4 ollscoil, 30 comhpháirtí tionscail, agus 200 taighdeoir in aon ionad taighde amháin scaipthe thar réigiúin éagsúla
  • Cruthófar 300 post go díreach trí 12 sheach-chuideachta maoinithe agus cruthófar na mílte post eile go hindíreach.

Sheol an tAire Post, Fiontar agus Nuálaíochta, Richard Bruton T.D. agus an tAire Taighde agus Nuálaíochta, Sean Sherlock T.D. Insight go hoifigiúil. Is Ionad Taighde nua de chuid Fhondúireacht Eolaíochta Éireann (SFI) don Anailísíocht Sonraí  é Insight. I gcomhthionscadal idir OÉ Gaillimh, UCC, DCU agus UCD, tugann Insight níos mó ná 200 taighdeoir as na hinstitiúidí seo agus as institiúidí Ardoideachais eile, le chéile le 30 comhpháirtí tionscail chun a chinntiú go mbeidh Éire ina ceannródaí sa taighde domhanda ar anailísíocht sonraí.

Gheobhaidh an tIonad maoiniú €58 milliún ón Roinn Post, Fiontar agus Nuálaíochta trí Chlár Ionad Taighde SFI, mar aon le  €30 milliún breise ón 30 comhpháirtí tionscail. Léiríonn Insight cur chuige nua taighde agus forbartha in Éirinn; trí nasc a chothú idir taighde eolaíoch na dtaighdeoirí anailísíochta sonraí is fearr in Éirinn agus riachtanais tionscail agus fiontraíochta. 

Oibreoidh Insight le níos mó ná 30 comhpháirtí tionscail, go leor acu sin bunaithe i nGaillimh, idir gnólachtaí beaga nuathionscanta, gnóthais bheaga agus mheánmhéide sheanbhunaithe agus gnólachtaí móra ilnáisiúnta, ar réimse tionscadal chun teinceolaíochtaí anailísíochta sonraí a chur chun cinn in Éirinn. Is measc na gcomhpháirtithe tionscail tá RTÉ, The Irish Times, Cisco, Microsoft, Alcatel-LucentSantry Sports Clinic, Cumann Rugbaí na hÉireann, Avaya, TE Labs, TreeMetrics, NitroSell, Avego, UTRC , Shimmer agus go leor eile. 

Is earnáil é an t-olltiomsú sonraí a bhfuiltear ag díriú air mar chuid den Athchóiriú ar Phlean Gníomhaíochta na bPost 2013, agus is fianaise é fógra an lae inniu go bhfuil plean gníomhaíochta amháin as an bPlean sin curtha i gcrích.

Ag labhairt dó ag seoladh Insight, dúirt an tAire Post, Fiontar agus Nuálaíochta, Richard Bruton T.D.:“Is earnáil é an t-olltiomsú sonraí atá ag fás ag ráta 40 sa bhliain agus táimid ag díriú ar an earnáil mar chuid den Athchóiriú atá i bPlean Gníomhaíochta na bPost 2013. Earnáil í seo a bhfuil an deis ag Éirinn buntáiste iomaíoch a bhaint amach inti agus infheistíochtaí móra agus poist a mhealladh, agus tá céimeanna á nglacadh againn chun a chinntiú go mbainfimid ár spriocanna amach. Is cruthúnas láidir é an t-ionad taighde SFI den scoth seo in anailísíocht sonraí a bhfuil infheistíocht iomlán €88 milliún déanta ann agus a bhfuil tacaíocht aige ó mo Roinn féin, ár mianaidhm sa réimse seo. Cuideoidh fógra an lae inniu, mar aon leis na céimeanna eile atá á nglacadh againn san earnáil seo, le hinfheistíocht a mhealladh, le smaointe gnó agus le poist a chruthú sa tír seo a bhfuil géarghá leo.”

Ag labhairt chomh maith ag seoladh Insight bhí an tAire Taighde agus Nuálaíochta, Sean Sherlock T.D., a dúirt: “Céim thábhachtach chun cinn atá i seoladh Insight chun na scileanna atá riachtanach d’Éirinn a fhorbairt d’fhonn na féidearthachtaí a bhaineann le holltiomsú sonraí a chothú agus leas a bhaint astu. Infheistíocht mhór náisiúnta é Insight sa réimse nua taighde seo atá riachtanach más le Éire a bheith rathúil in earnáil na teicneolaíochta amach anseo.”

Sa lá atá inniu ann, tá an oiread sin sonraí á gcruthú gach uile soicind timpeall orainn. Beidh ról lárnach ag Insight i dteicneolaíochtaí don chéad ghlúin eile a fhorbairt chun na sonraí loma atá á gcruthú a fháil agus a úsáid mar choincheapa agus mar smaointe luachmhara a chuideoidh le cinntí níos fearr a dhéanamh faoin tsochaí, faoin ngeilleagar, faoi chúram sláinte agus faoin rialtas.

Ag an seoladh inniu, dúirt an Dr James Browne, Uachtarán OÉ Gaillimh: “Tá cáil idirnáisiúnta ar OÉ Gaillimh i réimse na hanailísíochta sonraí agus an ghréasáin shéimeantaigh. Tá an-ríméad orainn, dá bhrí sin, a bheith páirteach in ionad taighde náisiúnta den chineál seo in earnáil atá ag méadú as cuimse.  De bhrí go dtabharfaidh Insight an oiread sin taighdeoirí den scoth le chéile i gceithre áit éagsúla, cuirfidh sé cáil na hÉireann as Anailísíocht Sonraí ar fud an domhain agus beidh buntáiste anseo don Ollscoil agus dár gcomhpháirtithe ICT i nGaillimh agus níos faide i gcéin."

Cruthófar 300 post go díreach as Insight, agus cuirfidh sé le hoiliúint an chéad ghlúin eile de shaineolaithe in anailísíocht sonraí. As seo go ceann sé bliana, táthar ag súil go mbunóidh taighde Insight 12 seach-chuideachta nua, timpeall 50 iarratas ar phaitinní, agus os cionn 50 ceadúnas teicneolaíochta, rud a chruthóidh na mílte post go hindíreach in earnáil na hanailísíochta sonraí.

Is gnó ollmhór í an Anailísíocht Sonraí mar go mbainfidh Éire sochar as sciar de mhargadh na hanailísíochta domhanda. Meastar gur fiú os cionn $34 billiún an margadh domhanda d’anailísíocht ghnó agus is é an t-olltiomsú sonraí is cúis leis an méadú 60% i gcorrlach oibriúcháin miondíoltóirí. Meastar go bhfuil luach bliantúil $300 billiún ar anailísíocht sonraí sa chóras sláinte na Stát Aontaithe.

Ag labhairt ar an bpoitéinseal a bhaineann le taighde in anailísíocht sonraí in Éirinn, dúirt an tOllamh Stefan Decker, Stiúrthóir Insight: “Tá poitéinseal ollmhór le hAnailísíocht Sonraí do gheilleagar na tíre seo. Níl fiúntas ar bith le sonraí astu féin ach le teicneolaíocht agus an t-eolas a bhaineann ciall as sonraí, níl teorainn ar bith leis an bhfiúntas atá ann. Mar theicneolaíocht, níl teorainn ar bith le hAnailísíocht Sonraí, tá buntáiste ann do na hearnálacha atá chomh héagsúil le cúram sláinte, rialtas, an geilleagar agus na meáin. Comhpháirtíocht ar leith é Insight idir taighde agus tionscal, rud a chuidíonn linn leas a bhaint as teicneolaíocht ar mhaithe leis an bpobal.”

Ag labhairt dó faoin bhfógra, dúirt an tOllamh Mark Ferguson, Ard-Stiúrthóir SFI agus Príomhchomhairleoir Eolaíochta an Rialtais: “Acmhainn taighde náisiúnta i dteicneolaíocht faisnéise agus cumarsáide (ICT) é Insight d’Éirinn agus léiríonn sé an infheistíocht atá dírithe ag an tír seo i dtaighde den scoth. Tá Insight ar cheann de sheacht nIonad Taighde SFI den scoth atá chomh mór agus chomh fiúntach sin go bhfuil comhinfheistíocht déanta ag comhpháirtithe tionscail iontu. Beidh Insight i mbun taighde atá riachtanach do sheasamh iomaíoch feabhsaithe na hÉireann i réimse na hanailísíochta sonraí chomh maith lenár seasamh idirnáisiúnta in earnáil an ICT.”


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