Remembering Michael Moran: NUI Galway marks the centenary of a campus tragedy

The 17th Lancers outside what is now NUI Galway's O'Donoghue Centre.
Nov 24 2020 Posted: 10:42 GMT

On the evening of 24 November 1920, Michael Moran was shot near the ball alley at University College Galway, allegedly while ‘trying to escape’ from the custody of Auxiliaries. A prominent republican in the Tuam area, Moran was being escorted from the police barracks in Eglinton Street to the temporary barracks of the 17th Lancers (now the O’Donoghue Centre and College Bar area), when the shooting took place.  

To mark the centenary of the tragedy on its campus, NUI Galway is holding a webinar under the auspices of the Moore Institute, which will discuss the life and death of Michael Moran, and also consider the broader political context in which it occurred, in particular the escalation of the conflict in Ireland during the closing months of 1920.   

The panellists are Síobhra Aiken (Centre for Irish Studies, NUI Galway), Prof. Linda Connolly (NUI Maynooth), Dr Jarlath Deignan, author of Troubled Times: War and Rebellion in North Galway, 1913-23, and military historian Damian Quinn. The discussion will be moderated by Dr John Cunningham (Dept of History, NUI Galway).  

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