The Accounts Receivable & Treasury office has responsibility for the following:

  • Set up of new customer accounts on Agresso
  • Issuing of Customer invoices [Note: Research centers and Fees office issue their own invoices] 
  • Recording of all lodgements to the University’s bank accounts on Agresso 
  • Follow up of overdue invoices raised by the Accounts Receivable & Treasury office 
  • Reconciliation of the University’s Bank and Investments accounts 
  • Reconciliation of Balance sheet Asset & Liability accounts

 In order to ensure that lodgments are posted to the correct cost center please email a copy of the invoice as soon as it is issued to When issuing the invoice please use the cost centre at the beginning of the invoice number: For example if the cost centre should be ROG1234 then please use Invoice No ROG1234_1 for the 1st invoice, ROG1234_2 for the 2nd invoice etc.

All queries relating to income should be emailed to