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Navigating the Future in a Monumental Election Year

Join us on Wednesday February 7th at 7pm GMT (2pm EST / 1pm CST/ 11am PST) for an incisive webinar that delves into the likely impact of 2024's monumental election year on the global economy, the arts, and society.

We're bringing together a diverse panel of experts to discuss these important issues. The panelists will also address the convergence of creative industries and the evolving demands of the digital age.

The event will be moderated by Tom Felle, Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Galway with panelists, Siobhán Brett of The Portland Press Herald NY, Martha Brennan, Reporter Bay Area News Group, San Francisco, and Conor Lavin, SMB Marketing Manager, TikTok NY. 

The webinar will explore how universities like University of Galway are at the forefront of equipping the next generation to navigate and influence a rapidly changing world. In an era rife with misinformation, emerging AI technologies, global conflicts, and economic uncertainty, the panel will also discuss the role that academia can play in forging future-ready graduates. The running time will be approx. 50 minutes.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this pivotal discussion—where education meets the forefront of global change. Register now and mark your calendar for an event that promises to enlighten, inspire, and challenge the status quo.


Interested in learning how US citizens can study in Galway?
Following our panel discussion Katie Flannery from our International Office will give an overview of how US citizens can study at University of Galway and the different programmes on offer as well as noting some upcoming US recruitment events. 

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