Art on the Edge

Running until 30 November, 2018

Art on the Edge brings the public face to face with climate science through a lens of art.

Earth’s climate is inherently changeable and climate change represents one of the greatest uncertainties we face in the 21st Century. While this is a publicly visible topic, the science feeding our climatologic knowledge remains mysterious to most. And it is this disconnect, between science and the public funding it, that is the biggest challenge to society’s effective preparation for future ‘climate shock’.

This exhibition features sketches, paintings, photography, and video from some of the most remote and beautiful locations on Earth, places that form the natural laboratories for climate research.

Exhibition Details


November 1 – November 30, 2018


Hardiman Building foyer


Gordon Bromley (School of Geography & Archaeology)


Moore Institute and Galway University Foundation

  1. Dr Gordon Bromley with his family and parents at the launch of 'Art on the Edge'
  2. After the launch, Dr Bromley gave in interactive presentation on some of his climate change research
  3. Huascaran in Peru, the highest mountain in the tropics. Artwork by Dr Gordon Bromley
  4. Holly collecting a sample, Otway Massif, Antarctica. Artwork by Dr Gordon Bromley
  5. Nevado Huandoy from Pisco, Peru. Artwork by Dr Gordon Bromley
  6. Matterhorn and Dent d'Herens, on the border of Italy and Switzerland. Artwork by Dr Gordon Bromley
  7. Zmutt Gletscher, a glacier in the Valais Alps, Switzerland. Artwork by Dr Gordon Bromley

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