Subject Choices on BA (Joint Honours)

BA (Joint-Honours) is a three-year degree programme with 154 different two-subject degree combinations to choose from. You will study three subjects in First Arts. You will then pursue two of the subjects to degree level in Second and Final Arts.

 Choose the best subject combination for your career 

Subject Combinations

Study Abroad with BA (International)

Numerous exciting study abroad opportunities exist on this programme and approximately 12% of students took them up last year. To avail of these opportunities, students pursue a four-year version (BA International) of the degree, that incorporates a year’s study abroad.

The Joint-Honours BA is one of Ireland’s most popular undergraduate degree programmes, with a key attraction being the uniquely wide range of two-subject degree combinations available.

In addition to an extensive network of ERASMUS links with universities across the EU, we have study abroad opportunities in Canada and the USA, Central and South America, and China. Language students can spend their year abroad on approved work placements as language assistants.