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Dr. Zoë A. Popper, Head of Botany and Plant Science
Dr. Zoë A. Popper, Head of Botany and Plant Science

Botany involves all aspects concerning the biology and science of plants. At University of Galway we are engaged in the teaching and researching of plants in many ways.

A degree in Botany and Plant Science is offered to undergraduate students within the College of Science. Research themes of academic staff and their teams within the School of Natural Sciences include investigations into plant and algal biosciences, plant evolution, plant genetics, plant physiology, plant biochemistry, plant systems biology, and plant ecology. 

Through the general science degree programme at University of Galway we offer a 4-year degree programme leading to a BSc (Hons) degree in Science (Botany). Academic staff in the Discipline also contribute to the denominated BSc degree programmes in Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Marine Science and Plant and AgriBioSciences. 

Botany includes research areas relating to the environment including terrestrial systems, freshwater and marine aquatic systems, wetlands including bogs, fens and wet heaths, and the study of long-term environmental change and the sustainable and innovative use of plant and algal resources. 

Botany at University of Galway is ideally located for botanical research in both marine and terrestrial plant science as we are located in close vicinity to unique, species-rich and near-pristine plant habitats including those in Connemara and the Burren, and an unspoilt and diverse coastline. 

Studying Botany and Plant Science at University of Galway

  • Exploring interactions of plants and algae with other organisms and their environments: terrestrial, freshwater and marine
  • Underpinning innovation in biotechnology, biomedicine, nutrition, pharmaceutics, environmental studies, ecology and conservation
  • Advancing knowledge about climate-change and other anthropogenic and environmental impacts 
  • Located in a botanically-rich environment - including diverse marine habitats, and rare species and unique plant communities of the Burren and Connemara 
  • Our staff are at the forefront of fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary plant/algal research internationally and committed to research-led teaching
  • Our graduates are employable in multiple sectors including biotechnology, marine biology, environmental science, ecology and conservation, food science, bioenergy, agriculture, and biomedical industries

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