Postgraduate Studies in Botany and Plant Science

Botany and Plant Science at the University of Galway is a research-focused Discipline placing a strong emphasis on postgraduate research and training.

Botany and Plant Science welcomes enquiries from highly motivated and talented students who wish to conduct research leading to a PhD degree. Interested candidates should contact Academic staff in their respective field of interest for research opportunities. Available positions will also be advertised.

To pursue a PhD, students enroll in a 4 year Structured PhD Programme within the School of Natural Sciences (College of Science and Engineering) with the agreement of a supervisor and formal acceptance by the university. For details refer to the Graduate Studies Office.

The discipline also offers a 2-year Research Masters programme (funding required); for details interested students should contact potential supervisors in specific research areas.

Research positions and funding opportunities will be advertised and may additionally be supported by competitive internal Scholarships (e.g. College of Science or Hardiman Scholarships) or external funding (e.g. Irish Research Council), or as part of externally funded projects. For specific research areas, please refer to Research page for an overview of current staff interests and activities within Botany and Plant Science.