Final Year Commerce and Commerce (Global Experience) information

This year you will choose a stream/specialist area of study to pursue.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you follow the stream requirements precisely.  Failure to do so will require that you repeat the year to complete any module required by the stream which you have not registered for  

To help you make your stream choice and understand the structure of the final year, an obligatory online Advisory Session for all final year (date TBC) will be run. The link to the online session will be posted on Canvas.  The session will be recorded and posted on Canvas. At the session you will be briefed on university regulations and requirements, and opportunities available to you in your final year. In additionyou will be advised on the content and direction of each of the specialist areas you may pursue. It is important that you attend this advisory session as we will provide information here that you will not get at a later date.   

Students enrolling on the module MG3109 Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise, please note that on-campus workshops for this module will take place on Fridays.  Student attendance at workshops will be recorded and will form part of your grade for the module. 

We appreciate how difficult it is to decide on module choices.  A reasonable period of time is given for you to attend a variety of modules and for you to change your mind and select alternative modulesThe final date by which you must register is 20th September 2024.  You will NOT be permitted to change your mind after this date. 

We have arranged a Your Degree in Business – What Next?’ event is taking place on Wednesday 20th September at 6 pm in IT125 (in the Information Technology Building – no 23 on this map).  At this event, your Career Adviser, Aisling Conroy will share information and advice as you plan the next step after your degree.  Whether you are uncertain about what you want to do next, or have a career plan and need some information, this event is a good starting point.  Register on Careers Connect

As always, we strive to ensure your learning experience is of the highest standard and therefore welcome any suggestions you may have which would add further value for you and your classmates.

Please note that your lectures will commence on Monday 9th September 2024.

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For registration advice, please refer to this website.

Final Year Streams AY24-25

BComm M‌odule Descriptors AY2023-24 (Follow the link to access all university modules: University of Galway)

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