Striving Beyond: from our regional edge on the west coast of Ireland, our vision is to make a global impact for the public good by addressing grand challenges through our teaching, research and influence on public policy.

Research and Impact Strategic Priorities

  • We will focus on excellence in our research by leveraging existing areas of strength and building new areas of distinctive strength.
  • We will engage in research for the public good that positively impacts society, business and public policy.
  • We will address grand challenges and UN SDGs through research and impact.
  • We will invest in supports to enhance research and impact within academia and beyond, focusing on dissemination, translation and implementation into policy and practice.
  • We will engage in research-led teaching.
  • We will enable and promote partnerships and collaboration on our distinctive research themes to address business and societal challenges.

Teaching and Learning Strategic Priorities

  • We will innovate our curricula and our programmes to align with our public good mission.
  • We will attract high-quality students to our programmes from around the world.
  • We will enable students to be highly skilled, engaged and civically minded graduates to make positive and transformative contributions to society, business and policy.
  • We will create a vibrant, engaging and high-quality student learning experience.
  • We will deliver a high-quality pedagogy across our programmes and leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver a high-quality blended learning environment.
  • We will connect our students with society, business and policy makers to provide learning experiences to empower our graduates to be global leaders.

External Engagement Strategic Priorities

  • We will invest in and engage with our external stakeholders to develop collaborative partnerships and to create value and impact for the public good.
  • We will engage with our alumni and leverage opportunities for our alumni to stay connected and meaningfully engaged with their alma mater.
  • We will act as a catalyst for the business and entrepreneurship ecosystem in our region.
  • We will strengthen networks of policy involvement and influence in our region, nationally and internationally.
  • We will invest in executive education in our areas of distinctive strength in collaboration with global partners.

Internationalisation Strategic Priorities

  • We will work with the Global Galway project to provide a globally diverse and culturally rich learning and working experience in our School.
  • We will develop and resource a consistent and strategic approach to identifying and building relationships and partnerships with international universities and partners. 
  • We will strengthen our position in international networks.
  • We will enhance and expand global mobility opportunities.
  • We will embrace internationalisation in all our activities.

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