Public Hearing of the EU Parliament’s tax sub-committee (FISC)

Apr 25 2022 Posted: 05:06 IST

Professor  Emer Mulligan, participated as an expert panellist at the recent public hearing of the EU Parliament’s tax sub-committee (FISC).  The hearing addressed “How to reinforce the regulation of intermediaries to create an intermediary sector that ensures a fair and user-friendly tax system?”. 

Professor Mulligan emphasised the need to examine the extent to which existing regulation of tax intermediaries exists and is implemented successfully across the EU before considering new regulations or other EU wide solutions.  She also spoke about the important role of ongoing education and in particular how such education needs to better address the ethical aspects of taxation in practice along with wider theoretical and philosophical dimensions of tax and society. Mulligan highlighted the increasing role of the media in countering arguably unethical tax decisions and noted the need, albeit challenging, for any future EU wide approach to regulation to take account of the regulatory and cultural differences in the different member states.

The event can be viewed on the following link:

Also here is a link to the press release issued afterwards by the European Parliament’s press room.