Our primary research area is Performance Managementand we have conducted in-depth research on a number of aspects of Performance Management including management control and innovation, accountability, management accounting change, taxation planning, credit ratings and capital structure, and accounting information systems. This research has been carried out in many different sectors including professional services firms, healthcare, third sector, SMEs, medical device industry and green energy sector.  

Much of our research has been based on case studies and surveys and is directly linked to our teaching. This enables us to create, as well as disseminate, knowledge. Teaching cases based on our research findings have been developed by our staff and are discussed in the classroom. Funding has been awarded to a number of staff from funding bodies such as CIMA, Irish Accountancy Education Trust, IRCHSS, and NAIRTL. Members of the discipline have provided workshops for industry and professional bodies on ‘Using Management Controls to enable innovation’. Further details on individual research areas are available on staff members’ web pages.

For more information on the Performance Management seminar series, please see:

Research on Performance Management is also carried out by our growing numbers of PhD students in Accountancy & Finance. For further information on our PhD programmes can be obtained by contacting Melissa O'Hea at 


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