Datasets & Data Collection Activities

Thermal Imaging Datasets

You can find some public thermal imaging datasets available from our group. These include:

  • Thermal Forward Vision #1: An annotated dataset available via IEEE Dataports.

Synthetic 2D & 3D Datasets 

In addition to gathering various types of datasets to facilitate research work, our gorup is also involved in the generation of synthetic image datasets - both 2D and 3D. Synthetic datasets currently available to the public (research community) can be found here

3D Scanner Datasets 

3D scanner datasets are being collected for different projects, including Driver Monitoring System data and Smart-toy (DAVID) data.

Data Collection Activities

Multiple Data Collection Activities, requiring the participation of the general public are currently on-going. These include the collection of child speech data, event camera data, 3D image data of both adults and children for the development of driver monitoring  systems and AI-powered smart toys

Child Speech Datasets (Synthetic)

As part of the DTIF-DAVID project efforts are on-going to gather annotated child speech datasets for the training of text-to-speech technologies. These efforts include building a child speech acquisition app.

Event Camera Datasets

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