Can-REACT is a new NUI Galway based initiative for cancer survivors. 

The first stage of the new Can-REACT programme is a survey and assessment to help understand the immediate needs of cancer patients and also the long-term post-treatment needs. Resources such as a mobile app, information brochures and web sites, will be developed in response to the survey of cancer patients needs. 

The second phase of the initiative is developing a personalised at home exercise-based rehabilitation and wellness programme for cancer survivors.

The third phase is a personalised exercise-based rehabilitation and wellness programme for cancer survivors based run from the NUI Galway campus. 

We are now inviting post-treatment cancer patients to get involved. Sign up for more information. 

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Are taste changes due to cancer or its treatments making you malnourished?

We are looking for adults 18 years and older diagnosed with cancer to examine the taste perceptions and changes to prevent malnutrition.

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