Technologies for Teaching and Learning

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CELT provides support for the use of a wide range of technologies to support and enhance teaching and learning, whether online or in the classroom.  We work closely with our colleagues in ISS and in Buildings & Estates to ensure that the needs of those who teach on all the university's courses are provided with the equipment and systems they need.  CELT's expertise in these areas informs the University's Teaching & Learning Committee in decisions about systems and software that form the core teaching infrastructure of the institution.

Audio Visual & Classroom Technologies

Our Audiovisual & Classroom Systems team provide support, training, and advice on the use of equipment within the lecture theatres and other centrally bookable teaching spaces (we make this distinction, because a number of Schools have their own specialist teaching facilities (e.g. laboratories)). The team is also responsible for design, integration, and control systems and is actively involved in relevant professional networks and organisations. 

A full list of equipment in each teaching venue, along with instructions for use, and other supporting information is available on our 'Tips' pages.   If you experience any issues or technical difficulties please log a ticket via the university helpdesk and the team will respond as quickly as possibly. You can also call extension 2173. Queries can be emailed to 

Online Technologies

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The university's Virtual Learning Environment (or 'Learning Management System') is Canvas. This provides a full suite of tools and capabilities and is integrated with the Student Records and Curriculum Management Systems.

It is provided in partnership with our colleagues in ISS. 
 We subscribe to Canvas Support, and this means that there is 24/7 support available directly from the Canvas team to all staff and students.

If you have any general queries about how to use Canvas and its features, please don't hesitate to get in touch with them.  For queries regarding university specific aspects, then you can contact your College's Learning Technologist, or the Learning Technologies team members in CELT

The Learning Technologists in each College are: 

  • Sergei Medvedev, College of Business, Public Policy and Law 
  • Aidan O'Callaghan, College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies 
  • Niall Flaherty, College of Science and Engineering 
  • Tbc, College of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences 

The current suite of technologies available at University of Galway include: 

Canvas VLE logo

  • Canvas 
  • Canvas Studio (video hosting system) 
  • MS Teams or Zoom (for live video meetings and project work) 
  • Turnitin (text matching tools) 
  • Vevox (polling and engagement tool) 
  • H5P (for producing and sharing interactive, multimedia materials) 
  • Padlet (by individual licence request – tool for collaboration and active learning) 
  • (for collaborative annotation) 

Multimedia Studio & Materials Design and Production

a recording studio control area with screens

Amongst the facilities available to staff, CELT has a high quality, state-of-the-art video studio, with a range of features such as multiple cameras, green screen, prompter, light-table, and more. The studio is in the Arts Millennium Building and has good sound insulation, allowing it also to be used as a high quality audio recording venue.  The controls and editing suite require expert operation, and our studio manager and other team members are available to work with you on any projects, whether simple short recordings or more extensive work requiring post-production, etc.  For more information, or to make a booking, contact  

Similarly, our learning technologies team (and the Learning Technologists/Multimedia Content Developers in the individual Colleges or Schools) are able to advise on the design and production of other forms of multimedia content and, in particular, design principles for more effective use of Canvas. 

For those who wish to just do relatively quick, simple recordings to camera (with or without a PowerPoint presentation) we also have a mini-studio located in the Library building, which only requires you to bring along a USB memory stick and has a simple 'one-button' approach. 

An Teanglann - Language Laboratories

The language laboratories and interpreting/translation suite are hosted by CELT in the Arts Millennium Building and are jointly managed by CELT, staff of the School of Languages & Literatures, and An t-Acadamh