Prof Padraic Kenna writes on housing as a human right

Mar 23 2021 Posted: 15:14 GMT

Prof Padraic Kenna of the School of Law and the Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy recently co-wrote an article on housing as a human right for the Open Society Justice Initiative.

"I have nowhere to go – I see myself ending up on the streets," one 30-year-old female asylum seeker in the UK told The Guardian last November just as the country's new COVID-19 cases were beginning to peak in the tens of thousands. Over the last year, the pandemic led to homelessness for tens of thousands of people in the UK, from refused asylum seekers, ostensibly protected by a high court order, to workers in precarious service industry jobs. The UK government has extended a national ban on evictions until May 2021, but some warn that many have already been evicted due to loopholes.