Webinar: Model Emergency Housing Legislation - Protecting the Right to Housing during Covid19

Model Emergency Housing Legislation. Protecting the Right to Housing during Covid19
Mar 24 2021 Posted: 14:48 GMT

This Webinar explored the potential of the comprehensive Model Emergency Housing Legislation to protect the right to housing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis. Through this model legislation we are urging governments around the world to use the basic legal provisions outlined in it to prompt and guide the development of domestic laws to ensure access to housing for all.

This seminar discussed how this Model Legislation can be advanced with a panel of members of the steering committee:

Facilitator: Cecilia Forrestal, Community Action Network (CAN)

Why Covid19 Emergency Housing Legislation?, Marguerite Angelari, Senior Legal Officer with Open Society Foundations, Justice Initiative.
What is in the legislation?, Padraic Kenna, Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy at the Law School NUIG (Presentation)
How can Governments and Legislators use it.?, Leilani Farha, Global Director of The Shift
How can housing advocates and NGOS use it?, Maria Jose Aldanas, Policy Officer at FEANTSA and Coordinator of Housing Rights Watch

You can read a summary of the meeting here.

In case you could not watch it, here you will find the video recording of the session: