Structure of Third Year Music

Welcome to 3rd Year Music for 2023-2024

 All information for 3rd Year Music is available in the Music Handbook 2324

Information on registration and a full outline of modules is available below.  

 Please refer to your module on Canvas for the Course Outline



Online Module selection Registration for Semester 1, 2023-2024 opens on 21st August 2023 from 10:00 am.  Further information is available at
The Registration process is administered by the Registration Office, not by the Discipline of Music.  Should you have any difficulties, please contact in the first instance. 
Please review the following documentation BEFORE registering online for your Music modules:   

Registration information for Continuing students can be found here

 It is VERY IMPORTANT to click on CONFIRM SELECTION and FINISH at the very end of the registration process in order to lock in all the modules for which you wish to register.

All Lectures for 3rd Year Music for Semester 1, 2023-2024 will begin the week of Monday, 4th September 2023. 

Overview of 3BMU1 Music

This year is dedicated to Music and to the development of special skills and/or experiences.

  • In Semester One, students choose three out of four optional modules
  • In Semester Two, students may have the opportunity to study Music abroad or carry out a locally based work placement or complete an extended project in Music at NUI Galway

Semester One Modules

Optional Modules (Students choose 3)

1. MU3102 Counterpoint (2 hours per week, 10 ECTs)

2. MU3103 Scoring & Arranging (2 hours per week, 10 ECTs)

3. MU3107 Introduction to Musicology (2 hours per week, 10 ECTs)

4. DT3123 Musical Theatre (2 hours per week, 10 ECTs)


Semester Two Modules

Optional Modules (Students choose 1)

1. MU3104 Music Study Abroad (30 ECTs)

2. MU3105 Music Project (30 ECTs)

3. MU3106 Music Work Placement (30 ECTs)

3BMU Music Lecture Schedule Semester ONE 



10am - 12pm

DT3123 Musical Theatre


Studio 2, Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance



10am - 12pm

MU3102 Counterpoint


AMB-1014 McKenna

10am - 12pm 

MU3107 Introduction to Musicology


AMB-1014 McKenna




2pm - 4pm

MU3103 Scoring & Arranging


AMB-G034 Music/Psychology Room


2pm - 4pm

MU3107 Introduction to Musicology


AMB-1014 McKenna
















** MU3103 Scoring and Arranging Tutorials will be confirmed with the lecturer at the start of term


Please remember that 3rd Year Students 23-24 remain in Group 3 for Arts

3BMU1 Semester 2 schedule differs as students will either be on Placement, Study Abroad or completing a Music Project on campus

Programme Director and Discipline Administrator

If you have a module related query, please contact your lecturer directly.  For other programme or pastoral related queries, please contact the 3rd Year Music Year Head, Dr Aidan Thomson (

If you have any concerns that would you like raised on behalf of your class, you can contact one of the 3rd Year Music class representatives.  

Class Rep 2023-2024

 If you have any concerns that would you like raised on behalf of your class, you can contact the 3rd Year Music class representative.  

3BMU1 Class Rep is Ruth Fitzgerald