Diane Armitage 

Project title:  How vital effects inform proxy development and climate modelling in the Arctic.
Supervisor Name:
 Dr Audrey Morley
Research Cluster:  Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit
Email:   D.Armitage1@universityofgalway.ie

My main research interests are in palaeoceanography, ecology and mathematical modelling. The research focus of my PhD is on how vital effects inform proxy development and climate modelling in the Arctic. Prior to commencing this study, I completed a B.Sc. (Hons) Science in Applied Ecology at University College Cork (1999-2003), followed by an M.Res. in Zoology at University College Cork (2003-2005). More recently, I completed a PGCE at the University of Buckingham (2020-2021) and a HDip in Science in Artificial Intelligence Applications (2022-23) from CCT.

Aljahdali Awatif

Project title:  Exploring Community Stewardship through Place-based Learning: evaluating impact and potential for knowledge transfer
Supervisor Name:  Professor Ulf StrohmayerDr Valerie Ledwith
Research Cluster: Geopolitics and Justice  
Email:   awatif.11@gmail.com

Aine Bird

Project title:  Exploring Community Stewardship through Place-based Learning: evaluating impact and potential for knowledge transfer
Supervisor Name:  Dr Kathy Reilly; Dr Frances Fahy
Research Cluster: Planning and Sustainability 
Email:   a.bird4@nuigalway.ie 

Funded by an IRC employment based scholarship in partnership with the Burrenbeo Trust, this project addresses the intersection of core interdisciplinary concepts such as place, community, conservation, education and stewardship. Prior to commencing this study I completed a B.Sc. (Hons) Science at NUI Galway (2003-2007), followed by an M.Sc. Science Communication at DCU (2007-2008) and more recently an M.Ed. Education at NUI Galway (2015-2017).

John Byrne

Project title:  Exploring the potential for alternative investment platforms in the west of Ireland’s creative industry
Supervisor Name: Dr Pat Collins 
Research Cluster: Planning & Sustainability
Email:  J.BYRNE17@nuigalway.ie

BBS, MBS and PDE. I have worked in the financial services industry for 8 years and as a business lecturer for 4 years. My research interests include investigating alternative mechanisms to achieve start-up finance and the impact of business technology on regional sustainability.

Research interests include regional governance and sustainable economic development. Currently investigating different systems of local government among European members states and their capacity to implement place based strategies that encourage small business creation.    

Research co-ordinator for the Moycullen2030 village development plan. This project is an important example of a multi-stakeholder approach to planning and developing the economic, environmental and social needs of Moycullen.    

Marta Cabello

Project Title: Reconstruction of the oceanic carbon dioxide uptake in the North Atlantic during three different interglacial scenarios. A model-data comparison
Supervisor Name: Dr Audrey Morley 
Research Cluster: Environmental Change
Email:   marta.cabello@nuigalway.ie

I graduated from University of Cadiz (Spain) in 2012 with a Licenciada Degree in Marine Sciences. My main research interests are  Palaeoceanography and Marine Biogeochemistry, with an emphasis on carbon cycle reconstruction.

Silvia Cascone

Project title: Beach-dune Environments as Nature-based Solutions: improving knowledge and building tools to support future implementation in Ireland
Supervisor Name: Dr Kevin Lynch; Dr Terry Morley
Research Cluster: Environmental cluster
Email:  S.Cascone1@universityofgalway.ie

I obtained a BSc in Biology (2017) and a master’s degree in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management (2020) from Roma Tre University (Italy). My research interests include coastal dune ecology with a focus on vegetation ecology, geomorphology and landscape ecology. My project is co-funded by CASSCS and CARO (Climate Action Regional Office) and has the main objective of supporting the implementation of NbS in Ireland providing practical tools based on data produced following different methodologies.

Arsenia Da Cruz

Funder: Marine Institute of Ireland (Ireland-SIDS partnership programme)
Supervisors: Dr Kevin Lynch and Dr Kathy Reilly
Research Cluster: Environmental Change Cluster
Email: A.VitalXimenesdaCruz1@universityofgalway.ie
Social media: Linkedin

I obtained a BSc in Environmental Science (Curtin University 2011-2015) and Master’s of Environmental Management (Massey University 2019-2020). I have experience working in climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as environmental services, planning and development with government and private sectors.

Project title:   LOcalised ADaptation (LOAD) for Climate Change in Ireland and Timor-Leste: Co-developing frameworks for Nature-based Solutions.  The LOAD project partners University of Galway with the Centre for Climate Change and Biodiversity, Universidade Nacional Timor-Lorosa’e (UNTL). It is investigating the application of good practice in coastal adaptation implementation. Specifically researching methods to address knowledge gaps and develop a co-production Nature-based Solutions valuation framework at local level for coastal and marine landscapes.

Bronagh Dillon

Supervisor Name:  Dr Frances Fahy
Research Cluster:  Planning and Sustainability 
Email:   B.Dillon10@nuigalway.ie

Bronagh is a PhD researcher with the international CCC -Catapult research team investigating educational, worldview and intercultural influences in children’s climate and environmental literacy. She was awarded a scholarship through the project in 2020 to undertake a PhD in Geographies of Education in the Discipline of Geography.  Prior to commencing this PhD award, she completed a MSc in Education, Training and Management (Leadership) in 2020 from DCU. The title of her dissertation was Teachers’ Perceptions of Climate Change Education in Irish Primary Schools”.

Adrienne Foreman

Project title: Abrupt climate change in Ireland: Assessing the role of seasonality in the last glacial termination and ramifications for future climate under global warming conditions
Supervisor Name: Dr Gordon Bromley
Research Cluster: Environmental Cluster
I received my MSc from the University of Galway Geography Department in Coastal and Marine Environments in 2019 and now use geochemistry, geomorphology, and sedimentology in my PhD to refine our knowledge of the response of the Irish climate to changes in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Thomas Gorman

Project title: Developing quantitative assessment of habitat condition and restorative capacity
Supervisor Name:  Dr Terry Morley
Research Cluster: Environmental Cluster
Email:  t.gorman1@nuigalway.ie

Emily Gray

Project title: Experimental, Community Governance Approaches for Clean Energy Futures in Europe (working title) 
Supervisor Name: Prof Frances Fahy  
Email:   e.gray4@universityofgalway.ie

Emily is a PhD researcher working on the Horizon 2020 funded project SHARED GREEN DEAL. Emily and Prof Frances Fahy are the research leads for the Clean Energy experiment, which implemented community visioning for clean energy futures in three locations in Europe. She holds an MA in international policy studies from Stanford University, an MST in general education (grades 1-6) from Fordham University, and a BA in global affairs and political science from Yale University.

Dilovar Haydarov

Candidate Name: Dr Chaosheng Zhang
Email: d.haydarov1@nuigalway.ie

Komang Trisna Pratiwi Arcana

Project Title: Social Capital and Tourism Resilience: An Analysis of Rural Tourism Networks and Networking in Bali, Indonesia
Funder: The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.
Supervisor Name: Dr. Thérèse Conway and Dr. Maura Farrell
Research Cluster: Rural Studies
Email: K.Arcana1@universityofgalway.ie

I completed a vocational programme in Hotel Administration and gained experience workingin the hotel business for international chains. Subsequently, in 2012, I pursued a Master's degree in Planning and Development of Tourism Studies. My study focuses on event management, rural development, and sustainable tourism. Since 2014, I have been collaborating with my colleagues at the Tourism Management programme of The International Institute of Tourism and Business (www.ipb-intl.ac.id), students, and the local government of Bali to develop multiple rural areas in Bali actively. Our focus has been on harnessing the authentic tourism potential of these regions. The community service programme aims to enhance human capital in rural areas, particularly in the tourism sesctor, as prominent industry in Indonesia.

Hridya Krishnakumar

Project title: The impact of early diagenetic processes in surface marine sediments on geochemical tracers recorded in planktonic foraminifera.
Supervisor Name: Dr. Audrey Morley
Research Cluster: Paleoenvironmental Research Unit
Email: h.krishnakumar1@universityofgalway.ie

I am an MSc graduate from Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS), India. specializing in Marine Chemistry. Recently, I completed the NF-POGO- CofE program on Observational Oceanography from Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research, Germany. My Ph.D. research aims to investigate the impact of early diagenetic processes in surface marine sediments using planktonic foraminifera.

Axel Leahy

Project title:  A bottom-up approach for climate change adaptation
Supervisor Name: Dr Kevin LynchDr Kathy Reilly
Research Cluster: Environmental Cluster
Email:  a.leahy8@nuigalway.ie

I graduated with a BA in Geography, Land-Use Planning and Environment at the University of Rennes 2 (Brittany) in 2015. I then completed an MSc in Coastal and Marine Environments at NUI Galway in 2016. I commenced my PhD at NUIG in September 2017.

Georgia MacMillan

Project title: Dark Skies at Night.  A qualitative exploration of the value of the the phenomenon of natural darkness as a dimension of Sustainable Tourism 
Supervisor Name: Dr Therese Conway & Dr Marie Mahon Research Cluster, Rural Cluster
Email: g.macmillan1@universityofgalway.ie 
Funded by: an IRC employment based scholarship in partnership with National Parks & Wildlife Service, this project explores value of natural darkness as a dimension of sustainable tourism in rural society. As an employment based study, my role as Mayo Dark Sky Park Development Officer is an integral part of my research on the phenomenon of dark skies, using the case study site in Mayo. 

As a mature student, I completed a BA (Hons) in Outdoor Education at GMIT Castlebar (2011-2015) and more recently a Professional Diploma in Further Education at University of Galway (2020-2022).

Daithi Maguire

Project title:  The application of satellite-borne remote sensors for monitoring coastal erosion and ecosystems in Ireland
Supervisor Name: Dr Eugene Farrell
Research Cluster: Environmental Change
Email:   d.maguire11@nuigalway.ie  

Having working as an engineer in the energy industry for 15+ years, I decided to return to academia to pursue my PhD (2016 – 2020). My research focuses on developing a technique to measure and monitor coastal erosion using satellite synthetic aperture radar.

Gregor Maximillian

I started my studies with a Bachelor of Sciences in Geosciences at the University of Cologne (Germany) and finished these studies with a Bachelor thesis about a method that uses Structure from Motion for determining bulk soil densities. For the following Master, I went to the University of Tübingen (Germany) to study Geosciences with a specialization in Geodynamics. For my Master thesis, I studied rockfalls in the Swiss Alps, using LiDAR and Structure from Motion.

My Ph.D. project is about the erosion rates of shore platforms and cliffs at the rocky Irish coast. The erosion rates will be determined by data from cosmogenic nuclides analysis.

Maeve McGandy

Project title:  Exploring the Human Geographies of Climate Adaptation
Supervisor Name: Dr John Morrissey
Research Cluster: Geopolitics and Justice 
Email: m.mcgandy1@nuigalway.ie 

Tomy Ncube

Project title: Exploring pathways for an inclusive social protection system in Zimbabwe: Learning fromexperiences of disaster displaced populations in Chimanimani and Tsholotsho
Supervisor Name: Dr. Una Murray
Research Cluster: Migration, Climate Change and Social Protection
Email: T.Ncube1@universityofgalway.ie

The current PhD research is funded by Hardiman Research Scholarship. The project embarks on a comprehensive investigation of the roles of social protection for those experiencing the impacts of climate change-induced displacement in Zimbabwe, particularly the lived experiences of those in Chimanimani and Tsholotsho Districts. Joined the PhD programme in 2022 after completing an MSc in International Development at University College Dublin (2020-2021), and a BSc in Politics and Public Management from Midlands State University-Zimbabwe (2013-2016).

Julie O'Donovan

Project title: A Temporal Assessment of Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment  (TARE)
Main Supervisor: Dr. Aaron Potito
Co-supervisors: Dr. Jean O Dwyer, Dr. Carlos Chique, Dr. Michelle McKeown  
Email: j.odonovan10@universityofgalway.ie

Julie graduated with a B.Sc. in Environmental Science in 2022 from University College Cork (UCC). Julie is an iCRAG funded PhD researcher. Through the analysis of lake sediment cores from Lough Muckno, Co. Monaghan, Julie’s project assesses i) the impact of the shift in Irish agriculture – from a traditional crop/pasture rotational system to modern and intensive pastures and ii) the impact of human sewage discharge on both faecal pollution (via E. coli) and the antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of faecal bacteria in the aquatic environment. TARE is the first Irish study to assess the evolution of antibiotic resistance from a spatiotemporal perspective in an environment impacted by both human and agricultural waste. 

Paulo Rodriguez Caceres 

Project title: Using geomorphic field mapping and cosmogenic-nuclide geochronology to reconstruct patterns of terrestrial temperature change during abrupt climate shifts in south-west Ireland.
Supervisor Name:  Dr Gordon Bromley
Research Cluster: Environmental Change - Climate change and Quaternary palaeoclimate
Email:   p.rodriguezcaceres1@universityofgalway.ie

Amy Spain Butler

Project title: Sustainable land-use. Moving towards climate neutrality and a Just Transition.
Supervisor Name: Cathal O'Donoghue, David Styles
Research Cluster: climate change, agro-sustainability, economics, policy 
Email: a.spain-butler1@universityofgalway.ie
I started with a B.Sc. in Zoology in the University of Galway and moved on to an M.Sc. in Ecological Assessment in University College Cork.
My PhD project is funded by the EPA and focuses on farm spatial level and value chain impact of climate neutral land-use scenarios. A biophysical and economic model will be combined to assess the economic implications of alternative land-use strategies at national level. This will later be downscaled to farm level and an assessment of ecosystem services will be carried out to investigate local impacts. 
Project title: Fingerprinting abrupt climate change in the West of Ireland: A high-resolution timeline of deglaciation and landscape evolution in West Mayo

Christopher Stewart 

Supervisor name: Dr Gordon Bromley
Research Cluster: Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit
Email: c.stewart5@universityofgalway.ie 
Chris has undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, and Astronomy & Astrophysics from Indiana University in the USA. After his first PhD programme in Higher Education & Student Affairs at the same institution, he moved to Ireland in August 2019 to start his career. He worked as an administrator at Trinity College Dublin until COVID-19 led to the public sector hiring freeze, which prevented his visa renewal in that role. So, he returned to university and earned a 1st Honors MSc in Coastal & Marine Environments: Physical Processes, Policy & Practice from NUIG (now University of Galway). This master’s experience and project directly led to his new PhD work, in which he studies the timeline of deglaciation and overall environmental change since the Last Glacial Maximum in western County Mayo. He employs techniques including cosmogenic beryllium-10 nuclide dating, lacustrine sedimentology, and x-ray fluorescence component analysis to robustly reconstruct environmental change over time in this locale. By using varied methodologies, he seeks to triangulate, corroborate, and “fingerprint” his site’s evolution to refine appropriate climate models to the finest possible detail and encourage similar efforts in the future.

Simin Zamani

Project title: Niche Tourism in Rural Areas of Central Iran (Case study: Saffron-based Agritourism in Tiran-va-Karvan, Isfahan Province).
Main Supervisor: Dr. Marie Mahon
Co-supervisors: Dr. Maura Farrell, Dr. Therese Conway
Research cluster: Rural Tourism Planning Email: F.ZamaniAlavijeh1@universityofgalway.ie

I graduated with a master’s degree in Regional Tourism Planning at University of Isfahan, Iran (2015-2017). I Started my Ph.D. studies in September 2022. My Ph.D. project is funded by a Hardiman Research Scholarship, University of Galway. The project addresses the intersection of implementation of saffron-based agritourism development and sustainable rural development in a farm-based rural area, i.e. Tirȃn-va-Karvan county, Isfahan province, Iran, aiming to enhance farm households’ livelihoods and social equality. A key focus for this research is to explore the emancipatory and empowering possibilities that agritourism as an innovative farm diversification dimension to saffron farming might provide for female saffron farmers.