School of History and Philosophy

NUI Galway Launch Project to Archive Personal Histories of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home

Tuam Oral History Project (2020-23)

Co-PIs: Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley and Dr John Cunningham

Funded by the Galway University Foundation, the primary aim of this project is to collect and archive the oral histories and life stories of Survivors of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home and their families. Testimony will also be taken also from the wider community in Tuam. A further aim is to disseminate the testimony and associated research in appropriate ways: by means of academic publication, by producing material for use in post-primary schools and the university, by promoting creative engagement with the narratives of Survivors, and by means of dialogue with policy-makers. The project is a collaboration with the UCFRC and scholars from Drama and Theatre Studies, Creative Writing and the James Hardiman Library. For more information contact Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley, 

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