boatsThe selection of courses on offer by the Discipline of French to Visiting Students can be found in the Visiting Student booklet which is normally available by mid July at the following link:  Visting Student Booklet.  Visiting Erasmus students may only take modules listed therein.  The timetable and relevant module descriptions for these modules are normally made available by mid-August on the respective Discipline's website.

For more information on the University of Galway and relevant contacts please consult the NUI, Galway Datasheet

Important Notice for US and Non-Francophone Visiting Students:

‌The Discipline of French  does not offer an “ab initio” / beginners course in the French language. 

For Visiting Students with prior knowledge/study of the French language:

Important Note:  Your level of French will have to be assessed prior to registration for any Language module.  In the first instance, visiting students are advised to email the Discipline Administrator, Emer O'Flynn, indicating any previous study of French and the duration of your stay at the University of Galway.  Emer will be able to advise on course levels, contact hours and availability.  Email address:
You need to be ensure that the contact hours of the Language module you wish to register for do not clash with the hours of any other module you plan on taking.

It should be noted that FR506 is a Translation Module available only to French native speakers of French.  More details can be found below.

With regard to literature courses, it should be noted that the language of instruction is French, and that signing up for any of the literature modules listed in the Visiting Booklet in Second or Final Arts actually consists of taking and being examined in TWO submodules - see the Second Arts or Final Arts Booklets for clarification on the obligatory and optional components available under each literature module. 

Information pour étudiants ERASMUS de France et de Belgique:

Chaque année le Département de français accueille ca. 45 étudiants ERASMUS de  France et de Belgique.  Pour vous informer sur les modules que vous pouvez suivre à NUI Galway,  consultez le Visiting Student Booklet publié chaque semestre par le College of Arts.

Les étudiants ERASMUS dont l'université d'origine l'exige peuvent suivre un cours de langue (français - anglais; anglais - français) offert par le Département de français (textes littéraires et de civilisation):
‌**FR506 Translation 2023‌ (année académique: 20 ECTS; un semestre: 10 ECTS)

**This course is takes place as follows: 
Wednesdays from 9am until 11am (Room: AMB-G007), ground floor, Arts Millennium Building.

Incoming ERASMUS students from France & Belgium are welcome to take this course for the entire year or for one semester only, if they prefer. Be careful, however, when selecting modules from other Disciplines (English, History, etc.) that the timetables of those modules do not clash with the hours of this translation module.  Disciplines will provide timetable on their website by the end of August.

Please note the relevant codes below for registration purposes:
Pour les étudiants venant pour deux semestres le code pour s'inscrire est le suivant:
FR506:  année académique:     20 ECTS

Pour les étudiants venant pour un semestre les codes pour s'inscrire sont les suivants:
FR506i:  premier semestre      10 ECTS
FR506ii: deuxième semestre   10 ECTS

Pour des informations plus détaillées concernant des cours offerts par le Department of English et History, visitez leurs sites web (voir section: INFORMATION FOR VISITING STUDENTS):

Discipline of English
Discipline of History

Sur le site web du International Affairs Office vous trouverez des informations pratiques concernant le déplacement, le logement et l'installation à Galway.