University of Galway has a rich history of engagement with enterprise and industry and the MicroCreds project aims to build on this. By working with partners in these sectors, the University can ensure it is contributing to the future needs and skills of the workforce.

A key part of the National MicroCreds Project is enterprise engagement. All seven partner institutions are working to achieve this aim. The MicroCreds Project has held many specific sectoral and topic-focused events under the MicroCreds Innovate series. These are webinars aimed at bringing together enterprise, industry, and universities to develop a shared understanding of the learning needs of the Irish workforce and the provision of learning by the universities to meet these needs. University of Galway MicroCreds Project has listened carefully to the needs identified and has responded to the requests from companies to: 

  • Identify correct channels into the institutions on skills needs 
  • Meet the strong preference for fully online or blended learning courses 
  • Offer flexibility in time and length of delivery of micro-credentials 
  • Provide appropriate pricing and student subsidy (where possible) to keep costs down 
  • Providing a one-stop shop for micro-credentials through 

The MicroCreds Projects also work collaboratively with several Skillnets, bodies such as the IDA and Enterprise Ireland, and the West Regional Skills Forum to ensure that local and national priorities are incorporated in the micro-credentials portfolio.

Micro-credentials for Enterprise

Are there skills gaps in your workforce? If so, consider Micro-credential development.

Should you wish to collaborate with the MicroCreds Project please email us at